Run, run! Don't look back! It always happens that when you look back or to your sides you slow down.

Don't look back! Just forward! Forward, forward!

Don't look to your sides. Don't see what's around you, just watch where you're going.

Don't trip, don't fall, don't slow down. Keep running! Imagine you want to ran away from the world and that the only way of doing that is by running faster and faster every time.

Run, run, RUN! Just keep running! Ignore everything you feel, everything you want, everything you were, and everything you are going to be. Ignore that hurting in your side. Ignore that drop of sweat rolling down your face. Ignore how tired you are and how much you want to give up. How you just want to stop running, fall down on your knees and cry. Cry your eyes out about everything. About your dad, your mom, your brothers and sister. About the life you had until those people called. Ignore all that! Just run!

Turn, duck, run! Do everything you can to not stop! Just keep this up for a little longer! Soon everything will be gone! Don't stop! Don't stop! DON'T STOP!


The ambulance got there as fast as it could. The police was already there covering the body and keeping all the curious people away.

"What happened?" said one of the paramedics.

"She ran her life out" answered the cop with a sad tone on his voice. "Literally, We're not sure why, but we think it might be because of her recent loss."

"She was such a talented kid" Someone who passed by them said.

"Yeah" muttered the cop "she was"

When the body was ready, the ambulance left and the place cleared out rather quickly. The stadium closed down for the day, and everyone left to go home.

The mourning was to be done two days later in St. Joseph Church. The burial would be at 3 in the afternoon. Everyone's welcome to go.