Time Traveling Detective Timothy

At 94 CrossedLine, an investigation takes place, involving a curious teen-aged detective and the confused Chief Inspector Kensakan. The teen detective stands in the centre of the room; the deduction begins.

'You! . . . You are the murderer of the late, Mrs. Hington.' the thrill of the excitement shines in Timothy overflowing eyes of anxiety, his outstretched arm revealing the culprit in disgust. 'The truth never tells lies! It's none other than the victims brother, you! Mr. James Hullet! Is the only one capable of killing her' he slowly put his outstretched hand into his front trouser pocket, and continued to smirk slightly.

The victim was thirty-two years of age, Mrs. Jane Hington, was found when the maid came at 05:30pm. The maid came every other week on a Wednesday to clean the house up. Jane Hington was strangled by a smooth rope like object; such an object hasn't been found in the room.

'What are you saying? That's preposterous! I have a rock solid alibi!' Mr. Hullet, 30, barks aggressively to preserve his family fortune; he married into the family, and fathered one daughter. 'How can you prove I did it!' frustration gnawed at his young face.

A mysterious smirk appears on Timothy's curtain face, just, three, two, one. 'You do have a perfect alibi, the thing is, it's too perfect.' the shock of hearing that word 'perfect' absolutely stuns everyone.

'What do you mean! Police! Stop that idiotic boy!' anger swept over Mr. Hullet's calm and natural face once more.

A stern face drew upon the police detectives and officers.


'I was with three of my work friends, at the time of supposed death!' he continues viciously 'I even got the receipts, we went to that damn pub! The waiter even remembers me! I have whiteness! Everywhere we went!' Mr. Hullet screams in frustration. 'At 08:00am I was with my wife at home, I left home at 08.56am. Than arrived at 09:36am at work my office desk, using the public transport. At 3:43pm I went to a local bar with three office friends after work. My sister supposed time of murder was at 5:00pm, we finished at the bar at 6:17pm, and I was with my receptionist and daughter entering the restaurant at 6:45pm. SEE! No gaps what so ever!' he screams again pathetically, only with fury.

Timothy's mind goes straight to the objective, 'There is a massive flaw in your alibi Mr. Hullet, you were always with someone, no time alone? No bathroom breaks? That's a bit too suspicious don't you think?' the smirk grew larger on his face, 'It becomes quite simple when you put it like this, you just simply changed the time.'

Mr. Hullet look at the boy shocked 'Are you MAD? Boy!'

Unfortunately, I'm not.' he shrugs, looking up with sarcasm and annoyance in his voice, then his face tuned back to a serious. 'After about, let's say, half an hour or so, once everyone's had a couple of paints and letting loose. You changed the time on their watches probably about half an hour.' Timothy went to the whiteboard at haste and began to scribble down into a table at the speed of light. In no time at all a table appears.

Real Time Fake Time Notes

4:30pm 4:00pm Changed time, went.

5:00pm 4:30pm Died.

5:30pm 5:00pm Gotten back.

6:00pm 6:00pm Time back.

6:17pm 6:17pm Left the bar.

'Mr. Hullet changed the time thirty minutes back on each of his three companions watches, only knowing that they would get drunk petty fast, until they are unable to check the time on their own' a joyful smile beams on his gleeful face. 'And your sister, Jane, lived in the local area. No trouble getting there'

'That's just an experimental theory! Where's your proof!' Mr. Hullet shouts.

The head of Division One was, completely amazed by the boys' deduction. 'He's right, it's just experimen-'

'No, there's evidence.' he pursues his lips and continues 'It's on him.'

'How is that?' the chef inspector curiously asks keenly.

'It's the sad truth.' Timothy points his finger in a dramatic pose, at the black belt around Mr. Hullet's trousers. 'The belt.'

'Huuuhhh!' gasped Mr. Hullet; his eyes went big with fear. Suddenly he began to shake nervously. 'How can a belt kill?' he tries to confirm, keeping the nervousness out of his voice.

'Simple, you put it around the neck like a noose. And pull.' he turns fast to the police, he is curtain, with a nod he asked 'Check for luminous reaction, there should be some traces of blood from the victim, even the slightness change of it and also for finger prints of the victim. Also don't forget to check the watchers for Mr. Hullet's finger prints.'

'Excuse me' an officer came to take off the belt from his waist.

'Get it checked' says chief inspector. There are several nods and the majority or the offices leave with Mr. Hullet's belt in white gloves.

Mr. Hullet plunged to the floor in tears, his hands on his knee caps, kneeling on his legs, tears pouring down his face. 'I killed her! She was asking for it though!' his face turns into grim and regret. 'She was threatening to kill me first! Saying that if I don't pay back, she'll take her, she'll take my daughter away and kill her. Don't you understand!' his voice in uncontrollable anger. 'She had to die! Or I'll be killed first!'

'You're right, I don't understand.' the boy Timothy says simply. 'I don't understand why people should lead to murder other people.'

Mr. Hullet looked up petrified as he began to cry in regret of becoming a murderer. He never imagined gaining such a horrific title.

The police handcuffed Mr. Hullet and took him away. Mr. Hullet's life ended when he murdered his older sister, Jane Hington. It's a long time until he can renter the world of society.

Timothy stood there was a glint in his eyes, saying, his been through this millions of times before. He let out a massive depressed sigh.

'You'd did a great job, boy! What's your name?' asks Chief Kensakan.

'Timothy, sir' I smirk spreads across his face.

'New around these parts? There aren't so many teen detectives around anymore.' Kensakan smiles comfortably.

'I just came to solve this impossible case' Timothy smiles, a pathetic weird look on his face replaces it. 'See you Inspector Kensakan!' he runs out into the street, he slows down after a mile or so.

His watch said 8:28pm.

Dotted street lights glows his path as the darkness begins to take the sunshine out to the West. Timothy put his hands into his trouser pockets and walks carefully down the glowing path.

'"Just here to solve unsolvable cases."' he mimics to himself gloomily 'Today is 17th of August 1974' he slips out a red notebook from his inside blazer pocket, the notebook looks old and missed-used as corners are bashed. He quickly turns it to page 07, top left hand corner, fifth row third column across, 'The Unsolvable Maze, 02nd July 1989'

Timothy carefully pulled out a cylinder object out of his pocket, it had unlabelled buttons and little fancy knobs next to a brightly coloured screen, one blue and red buttons lay on each face of the cylinder.

'Second of the seventh, nineteen eighty nine' he murmurs, as he swiftly presses the unlabelled buttons and turns the little knobs to reach his fascination. The little coloured screen read '02/07/89'.

A promising smirk appears on his prepared face as he held the cylinder in his fisted hand. Lifts up his thumb, and pressed the blue button until it clicks three times.

An overwhelming spray of bright colours whirls around him starting from his clenched fists around the cylinder sweeping around his body until it touchs the ground. Suddenly, a flash of supersonic brightness occurred then.


The colours stopps instantly. Timothy vanished to the void of ever flowing time, swiftly floating as time went forward to '89.