Chapter 11

Slightly, they both walk on the grass with trees all around them, the sunshine makes the trees full of life. Colourful plants and flowers sway in the wind, as if they are singing harmonies.
'Looks can be deceiving, can't they?' she asks, the wind goes through her hair which swiftly moves.
'Oh~, you bet.' his eyes flicker to her gaze and meet. He grabs hold of her arm and makes her walk behind a tree with him. 'Right?' he put his arms around her waist and smiles lightly. Timothy reaches into her pocket and brings up a blue coloured cylinder. 'So you've got one?' he says alluring, not breaking the eye contact.
'Ohh~, yes I do.' she squints her eyes, and gives a soft smile. 'So do you. When I first met you, I saw the Tube peaking out of your pocket. I must admit, you did a pretty good job of acting like a fool.' Tina purrs, slowly putting her hands on his chest. 'But, you are seriously scared of elevators aren't you?' she shrugs lightly.
He raises an eyebrow slightly and flinchers 'Yes I really am. So, what did they do to you?' he asks.
'That's for you to find out another day. What about you?' she smirks, leaning her head closer to his own.
'Ohhh, clever, asking me that, but I clearly remember asking you first.' he says with sarcasm. 'And I want your answer.'
'Too bad, wait until next time.' she gazes at him. 'And I'll take this back!' Tina moves her right hand off his chest, and then draws it back behind her, she collects back her Tube. 'Thank you.'
'No problem.' their noses began to touch each others. Timothy closes his eyes and draws his head back then exhales hard. 'Until next time.' Timothy let's go of Tina and steps back, taking out a little red notebook and his Tube. He opens the notebook to the right page, 'January first, 1991! Guess that's where I'm heading. Happy New Year!' Timothy beams with enthusiasm. 'Until we meet again.'
'Goodbye.' she takes out her own and starts to press the unlabelled buttons and turns the colourful knobs. 'Ready?' she asks alluring.
'Ready.' he narrows his eyes at her face.
They press their blue button at the same time, suddenly! An overwhelming spray of bright colours whirls around them starting from their cylinders, sweeping around their bodies until it touches the ground. Then, a flash of supersonic brightness occurs then, ZAP! And the colours stopped instantly.