'Who is it?' asks a grumpy male voice, from inside the room.
'It's Tina, I want to ask you some more questions, concerning the victims Abby Tone and Joe Williams'
The door swings open, hitting Timothy on his head. 'Ouch! Stupid door!' he murmurs, grasping onto his head.
A depressed face John welcomed them inside their beautiful room.
'May we come in?' asks Tina.
'You may.' he opens the door wide enough for Tina and Timothy to step through. Timothy enters well away from the door trying really hard to not to be attacked by the 'Evil-door-of-some-random-evil-hotel' again.
'Sorry for intruding.' calmly states Timothy, quick glances dashes around the room and engraves them into his brain, noticing every detail, like: used mugs of tea or coffee, ashtrays full of butts of used cigarettes, and even a depressing atmosphere from the two people concealed inside the room.
'Where are the others? There's only you and Rebecca here.' Timothy wonders.
'Yeah, why's that?' asks Tina clutching onto the brim of her skirt.
John's face forces a smile 'Oh, they just went to get some food from the mini store in town.'
'When did they leave?' Tina asks.
Rebecca looks up, and then lights a cigarette. 'Probably about an hour ago.' she puts the cigarette towards her face, inhales and forces the smoke out of her little nose, long black hair hangs on her shoulders. 'Why don't we get questioned in the outside café?' she asks, while standing up.
'Y-yeah. That'll be fine.' smiles Tina holding onto her blue biro pen and little black notepad.
John re-opens the door to let everyone inside go outside. Noticing someone's missing.
'Where's your little friend, detective girl?' asks John, he dips his hand into his jeans and brings up a sliver key, with numbers carefully engraved on.
'Oh, Tim-o?'
'Yeah.' his tone became tenser.
She re-enters the hotel room, to only find Timothy kneeling on the kitchen floor.
'What are you doing!' she yells, gripping onto his arm and forcing him up upon his feet.
'Oi!' he left out a sigh of irritation 'Look at the board.'
'You mean the thing that covers the gap.' Tina raises an eyebrow.
'What else could I be talking about!' he annoyingly shouts. 'It has moved slightly, at least three or four times.' he points at the corner of the white coloured piece of wood. 'Look, the dust all the way across it, isn't there. It's been moved!'
'So?' she snaps, not getting a clue on what he's on about.
'It's not there, that's the thing the dust isn't there, so someone moved it recently. Look at the other ones, dust is still collecting there.' Timothy snaps back at her.
The mini kitchen is shaped like a 'C', with the fridge in the top right corner. The sink and the drying machine sits directly opposite from the fridge and a mini counter, blue cupboards sit on the wall all around the kitchen.
'Can you hurry up?' Rebecca's voice stresses into the room. 'I just want to get this over with!'
'We're just coming now!' she replies lightly to Rebecca. 'Aren't we?' Tina growls, with flames in her eyes.
'Yes we are!' Timothy says with as much sarcasm as possible and not making eye contact with Tina.
They both leave the room, and John locks the door behind them. 'Let's go.' he says calmly, slowly getting the tenseness out of his voice
As they walk down the corridor, Timothy leans in towards Tina's ear and whispers. 'Can you let go of my arm now? You're squeezing too hard and it hurts.'
Tina's face blushes and let's go of him instantly. 'I wasn't squeezing you!' she blubbers. 'Just holding, so you won't get lost.' she closes her eyes flicks her chin up, with a 'Hmf.'
Timothy raises an eyebrow. 'Hey~, are you blushing?' he asks peeping at her embarrassment. 'You like me don't you?' his whispers in her ear, with a bit of Elvis Presley going on in his voice.
'You wish.' She scowls, at his foolishness.
Turning the corner, and entering into a massive hallway. Where two elevator doors are closed with two grey buttons with white arrows pointing upwards and downwards.
'And I'm not blushing! It's just warm in here.' she clearly continues, trying to hide the blushing from her rosy cheeks.
'Ooooo~, I guess you two are on a date here then?' asks Rebecca after hearing their 'little' argument. 'You two would make the perfect couple.' a smile of 'the-defiant- truth' appears on her purple make-upped lips. She presses the downwards button on the flowery covered wall, with somewhat eaten-to-bits nails.
'Me; with HIM? This has got to be a mistake! Hehehe' Tina explains. 'You see, I've only JUST met him yesterday.'
Soon, the elevator doors opens, letting about three or four people out, they all wonder in different directions and disappear into the hallways. John steps in first, then Rebecca, and then Tina. Timothy stands there with an expression as if you've just had salt water thrown into your mouth.
'Coming?' Tina asks him, but all she gets, is a shake of the head.
'I don't like going in elevator lifts! I'll just take the stai-' he stutters childish, but Tina wasn't going let him get away, so, she grabs onto his collar and pulls him into the elevator, then quickly presses the button for 'Ground Floor.'
'Seriously? Tim-o? You're scared of going in lifts?' snaps Tina.
Timothy nods while holding onto Tina's arm, acting like an unbelievably childish child. 'Please don't make me do this.' he begs, shaking on the very spot he stands on.
The elevator doors shut, keeping the four people inside the lightly lit room.
'No! Let me out!' gasps Timothy, giving instant glares at Tina.
'Floor 6, going down.' the female voice inside says.
'Let me out!' he yells, trying to move, but as soon as the lift starts to go downwards, Timothy decides stays put. 'Ahhhhhhhhhh! Why me! AHHHHHHHHH!'
John and Rebecca stare at the quivering boy, who's clutching onto the totally unfortunate victim.
'Hehehehe.' smiles Tina, not being the fool in this game.
'Stop! Tina! Stop! Stop! Stupid! Tina! Stupid! Elevator! Stupid! Stop!'
'Ground floor.' The female voice says. As soon as the doors opens 'At last!' Timothy flung out, and places himself on the floor. 'Floor! Sweet sweet sweet! Beautiful floor! Never, ever! Leave me again!' he quickly got up and brushes off the dust from his shoulders, and began to act sophisticated 'Never! Never! Ever! Make me do that again!' he frostily shouts.
'Okay, okay.' she mutters roiling her eyes. 'Is there anything else you're scared of?'
Then, the four of them left through the glass door, and made their way towards the outside café. John and Rebecca sit down next to one another, while Tina and Timothy sit opposite.