Zachary Press Gang

I smiled as I walked through the streets "Time to find more fodder" I said with a wicked smile for I was a Zachary Press Gang Leader and it was my job to "conscript" people. Yep It didn't matter that's what the local Zachary Lord said as long as they were able-bodied or carried a dagger or club they were to be recruited by me and sent to the local barracks. I saw a potential recruit a farm girl with golden hair had that typical big city dream probably left her village for money well it was lucky day. "Lost honey" I grinned as I approached her even better I realized she had a Iron dagger "Jackpot" I said to myself. She gave me a faint smile but she knew what I was and why I was approaching her "Look I just came to this city do labor this dagger is just for protection" she said in a frantic voice like a cornered animal that's all these "People" are to me cornered animals. "We can do this the easy way or I can break some of your bones and take you to the barracks don't think just cause you're a farm girl I won't get rough" I said in a commanding voice. She did what they all did followed me to the local barracks the Zachary Sergeant nodded and handed me my pay the farm girl was then ordered to attack the stray dummies for training "Enjoy the military career farm girl" I laughed "You still need four more recruits and don't get all beggars like last time" the Sergeant said in a firm voice stupid pig he doesn't want beggars "Keck you sergeant you'll get one beggar" I spat. The Zachary Sergeant got up from his desk ready to fight his "lackeys" restrained him and told just get the job done. "Time for the mentally insane" I walked to the local hospital where I met the Zachary doctor he saw me and knew what I was here for after It's not everyday a Zachary in plate mail comes inside a hospital " I don't care what their condition is whether depressive, insane, or the border-line psychotic just give me one" I said in a sadistic voice. This is how we take care of the Ill in this city they get to full and we take one of them for military service to lower the hospital numbers. The Zachary doctor reluctantly handed me a boy of eight or nine years of age " will I get to stab things" the boy said with a smile I like recruits like these all they care about are the battles that lie ahead.

"When the Zachary Lord call for battle you stab the enemy however you want" I said said in a kind voice I then sent him to another barrack since that maiden kecker Zachary Seragent was still pissed off with me so I escorted the kid to the west barracks where the younger recruits Zachary's, Leaves (elf/fairy/Nymph) creatures, and generic characters ranging from five to eleven years of age trained. I sent the kid to the generic Seragent a girl twelve year's of age who saw more battles then a twelve year old should see as she had a large scar on her left cheek. She nodded and handed me my pay two down two more to go I said to myself. I walked along the run downed district of the city and saw another recruit right away a six year old Silver Leaf they were called Silver Leaf's cause of their silvery hair she didn't struggle I escorted to the west barracks again the Generic Seragent nodded and handed me my pay just one more I thought and I knew just the kind I walked along the packed streets and saw a middle-aged woman weeping and asking for money she was with her daughter on the streets both begging "Two for one" I said to myself.

"Can you spare us some bread were very hungry" the woman pleaded typical urchins

"Sure I'll give you bread and more" I said as I pulled out shackles from my pack and bound both of them so they couldn't run". "May the original Zachary have mercy on you thug" the middle age woman said in a sad voice the daughter remained quiet but I could tell she was the fragile kind I took them to the Dove Barracks which was a barracks for mothers and daughters in the army. The Zachary Seragent gave me my pay It was a long day but I got a fair enough pay and then to celebrate I went to the tavern where the Scarlet Leaf Innkeeper looked at me with disgust. "How do you live with yourself sure Clair and her daughter Mallory were beggars but they don't deserve to die in future skirmishes" The Scarlet Leaf said in a hateful tone. "Shut Up and give me my ale wench" I then took a gulp of the ale. That's all I am a thug, bully, and ruffian but I am a Zachary Press Gang I don't KECKING care about your situation and if you don't want to have a long live and not join the military service you better stay clear of me.