Chain Reaction: Too Many Hours on Facebook

A teenage girl goes on Facebook for six hours. She goes to sleep for only four hours. When she goes to the amusement park the next day she's so tired she leans against a wall. Her hand slips and accidentally pulls the fire alarm. The fire alarm sounds. It scares a worker in an office and makes him back into a shelf. An expensive picture frame falls and shatters into a hundred pieces.

The worker's wife cries because it was very valuable. The woman's tears smudge her makeup and scare their four year old son. He screams. Their puppy hears him and attacks him. The boy bleeds and the woman faints from the sight of blood.

Her head hits the edge of the desk, which makes her husband's Employee of the Month trophy fall and break into pieces. The worker cries and the puppy bites his leg, which makes him cry more. The worker remembers the fire alarm and makes his way to the nearest exit but his eyes are so blurry he bumps into the wall near the door and falls, blocking the door.

The firefighters arrive and try to use that door but they can't go in because it's blocked. They use another door and inspect the place then turn off the alarm. A firefighter sees an ice cream stand and reaches in to get ice cream planning to pay after, but the cover closes on his fingers and breaks them. He screams and the puppy attacks him. The puppy gets tranquilized and the firefighter goes to the hospital.