Copyright 2012 Samantha Reyes

This is my story, all of my original ideas, and I have the rights to this story that I came up with.

He buckled up his pants with a snap and he came over next to me again.

"Good night, beautiful. Remember to keep your mouth shut or I'll kill you and your mother," he whispered into my ear and with that, he vanished into the dark night. A tear slid down my cheek and I looked around to make sure he wasn't around anymore. He always left me here lying on my bed numb and in the nude. Another tear slowly slid down my cheek and I let it fall on my soft pillow. I got up and walked to get my clothes which were strewn about on the floor. I knew he was capable of doing just so; of killing my mother and I. I got back into bed. What had I done to deserve this? I tossed and turned for the rest of the night until it was finally time to wake up for school. Wear the smile for your mommy and daddy. Let them know you're fine. I walked into my bathroom quietly and looked at the mirror. The mirror could be your worst nightmare. I had bags under my eyes. He's been doing it more frequently and I just can't go back to sleep. I can't stand the silence though. I wish I could tell someone but I can't. I looked at the three scratches lying on my temple and the yellowing of what was left of my black and blue on my eye. I took a deep breath. I did my morning routine in the bathroom and finally got to the makeup part. I covered what was left of the yellowing and covered the three scratches. I looked at the girl who was staring back at me. Perfect. My green eyes stared at me with sadness though. Smile. I checked one of the bruises on my inner thigh. There was a new black and blue there which symbolized last night. I walked out of the bathroom and into my room. I slid on a black off the shoulder shirt and pulled the other side down so both my shoulders were bare. I also put on some jean short shorts and my black converse. I combed my hair and grabbed my tote which had my books. I walked by my parents' room and heard them arguing over something. My dad began to yell and I heard my mom screech in pain again. I will never get used to that sound. Normally, I'd step in but I don't need any more scratches before school. I grabbed an apple and walked out. My best guy friend waited for me in his car and handed me my sunglasses.

"Good morning, beautiful. You left these in my car yesterday," he said.

"Thanks," I said, sliding them on. I switched the radio to 92.3 F.M. and blasted the music. I put my converse onto his dashboard and started dancing to the music as Alec began driving. The song was 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. I absolutely love them. I suddenly felt Alec's crystal blue eyes on me. "Stop staring at me. You know that makes me uncomfortable," I stated bitterly.

"Sorry, you're just so weird," he said laughing. He pulled up to a red light and flipped his black shaggy hair out of his eyes.

"Thank you. Weird is my trade mark," I said with a smile.

"Anyways, what excuse did Luke come up with this time for not being able to pick you up?"

"I told Luke not to pick me up. I got tired of his bull s**t. Stop making excuses and just get your a** to my house. It isn't that hard but whatever. I'll let him be."

"Dude, Luke doesn't understand that he has a great girlfriend! No other girl would be so chill with him not picking her up every morning for school." I scoffed at this statement.

"I'm not going to let that one detail ruin my day. I'm not one of those girls that are like OH MY GOD! He didn't pick me up. My life is over. Wahhh, let me just be a whiny girlfriend. Haha, no. That's just stupid. Let a man be a man. He's free to do whatever the f*** he wants as long as he doesn't disrespect me or cheat on me." He began to laugh.


"What! I'm just saying," I replied.

"Stop cursing, it ruins your beauty." I made a face and turned the music up louder. We began singing to 'We are Young' by Fun at the top of our lungs. We pulled into the school's parking lot and we finally parked.

"I'm going to go find Luke. See you at lunch. Should we go to Mickey D's?"

"Be careful. You don't want to ruin that perfect figure of yours," he said laughing.

"Shut up, loser. I can eat whatever I want," I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Whatever. I'll meet you here." I nodded and got out of the car as I saw his skank of a girlfriend approach the car. She was pretty but she had been with like the whole water polo team. I mean I couldn't judge. I've been with 2 different guys. Not including Luke because we still haven't done anything besides make out. I walked into the school and walked to his locker. There were a bunch of hellos from various people on my way there. I saw his back side and automatically knew it was him. His leather jacket always gave him away but his dirty blonde hair was something you just couldn't miss. He could be a hair model. Heck, he could be a model, period. His structures, body, perfectly placed hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes were just so perfect. People said we made the perfect couple. I ran down the hall and jumped onto his back. It caught him by surprise but he held onto my legs as I jumped onto him. I set my chin on his shoulder.

"Guess who," I whispered into his ear. I began to giggle.

"Oh, I don't know. Could it be the most beautiful and coolest girlfriend in the world?" I slid down his back and got back to my feet. He turned around and put his arms around my small waist. He pulled me in for a kiss. He then got closer to my ear. "Hey, beautiful," he whispered. I then felt his soft lips against mine again. He pulled himself back after a few seconds and smiled at me. His smile could blind a room. That's how white his teeth were. Scary, right? He continued to get some books out of his locker and continued to talk with his best friend, Kellan. "There's a party tomorrow. You're coming with me, right," Luke asked as he turned to look at me.

"As long as you bring something to entertain me," I said.

"I'll bring something strong. Is that good enough for you?" I nodded and smiled. I excused myself for a second as I went to the restroom to look at myself in the mirror. I was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. My brown straight long hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows, green eyes, long eyelashes, heart shaped face, perfect white smile, a fair size of lips, a fair size of a nose, my breasts were a great size and didn't sag (heck, I wasn't even wearing a bra with this off the shoulder shirt), my small waist, fair sized butt, my flat stomach, I had the coca cola shaped body, and I was skinny. I knew a lot of girls envied me here at school and they hated me. Smile for your haters. I smiled at my reflection and walked out.