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The next thing I knew, I woke up in my room. I looked around me but felt so drugged and my eyes just wanted to droop to sleep. Everything felt unreal. I saw my father walk in.

"How are you feeling? You've been out for a few hours." I felt so out of place and I was perplexed. I thought back to the park and I looked at my setting. I was in my room. All I remember was a black out after I saw someone. I watched my father as he watched me and I looked at him suspiciously.

"What did you do to me?"

"I saved you from getting cold at the park. I couldn't let my baby girl freeze at a park while she slept," he replied. I thought back to the cloth.

"Did you drug me?!" I looked at him in disbelief.

"Don't be ridiculous. Get dressed and get your lazy self off of that bed." He walked out and I began to observe my body. I was in my underwear and bra. Well at least he had the decency to dress me up. I looked at the time and it was 8: 01 a.m. I frowned as I saw that my dress was shredded into pieces on the floor. That was my favorite dress. My thoughts came back to Matt. Did he come to visit me last night? If he did, was my unconscious body lying there or was I still asleep at the park? I walked over to my phone that lied on my furniture. I blacked out for a few seconds so I had to hold onto something before I collapsed. My phone lit up and reported that there was a text from Matt. 'Hey, mind helping me on this stupid Bio packet tomorrow? I'm trying but I'm not in a good mood and I just want to stop.' I sighed. Was that all? I'm assuming he didn't come to visit me last night because thinking about it, he had Aubrey now. My thumbs quickly responded 'Fine.' I ran my hand through my hair and got dressed into something decent. I was going to go modeling today. I don't care what anyone said. I looked back at my phone and hadn't even noticed that there was already a text from Matt. 'Thanks. Fine? That's all you have to say? It was hard enough for me to send this message asking for help.' I stood there looking at my phone. What did he mean about that? Was Aubrey not letting him text me or something? 'Sorry? Why was it so hard?' I began to pace around my room. I began to plan out my day and texted Lacey to see if she had any new bookings. She did and said she'd have me until 12: 30 and then that I could go with Matt to the football game. We had this huge game in football against our rivalry school today and a masquerade ball after. I plan on going to both because I honestly have nothing better to do with my day. My phone beeped with a message from Matt and I quickly read it. 'Because I'm asking for help. From you. Sorry if it sounds a bit mean.' My jaw slightly dropped after reading that text. I was hurt a bit; just because he's a junior doesn't mean that he has a right to make me feel inferior. I know I'm not the smartest but he doesn't have to be so mean about it. Did he really mean what he was saying? My thumbs rapidly typed 'Yeah, mean? You think? I wouldn't have noticed. Don't question my intelligence. If I understand the material, I will help you.' He tried to continue with the conversation but I ended it because I was offended. Since when was Matt such a jerk? Oh, yeah. Aubrey. I rushed to get ready to go model for Lacey and more companies. I was going to forget Matt for the time being. I couldn't continue to think about a bunch of what ifs. I absolutely hated thinking and I wasn't about to start doing it now. After getting ready, I walked into my dad's room and saw him sound asleep. It got a bit tricky but I got him to swallow the sleeping pills. I felt satisfied as I walked out of the room with the car keys. He deserved a little bit of his own medicine. I had to stop by school first to see my biology teacher to solve a bit of the packet in order to help Matt. I drove to school and once I arrived, the school looked abandoned. The only people there were staff members and the Saturday detention kids. I walked up to my Bio teacher's class room and she was answering the other kids' questions.

"Ahh, Annamarie. Nice to see you're taking an interest in your studies. Sign in." I signed in her book and took a seat. I began to understand what goes on in our bodies. Then I frowned as Aubrey walked in. So I see she isn't so smart either. Then again she could be taking this class because she missed her high school years. Was she even an official junior? I rolled my eyes. Why do I care? I began paying attention but then I realized Aubrey and I needed help on the same packet. The teacher was attending to the other students. I sighed. Grow up, Annamarie. I walked over to Aubrey.

"Need help?" She looked up at me and nodded. She didn't recognize me but I worked along with her. I was surprised that I got along with her calmly. After we were done, we walked out. Matt was outside our class by a window. Something told me to smile. Aubrey rushed up to him and they began talking. He and her walked passed me like nothing. That felt like a slap to the face. I looked down at the floor. You don't care, Annamarie. You don't care. My eyes began to threaten to spill tears. Shut up, stupid. You do care. I called Matt back and handed him the packet. We didn't greet each other or anything. When did Matt suddenly change? Then I looked at Aubrey next to him. Oh, yeah. When he became happy again. I threw all my books into my locker and walked out of the school. I couldn't stand being in this same school. I am just this lonely loser. I have no friends. I am no one. I got into my dad's car and sat there letting everything sink in. I finally broke down in tears. I was never good enough for Matt. I'm a screw up anyways. Matt never declared anything to me. Why did I suddenly think we could be something? I looked at the Saturday detention people enter my school. "I hate you all," I muttered. It's true. I hated everyone in that damn school. They all made my life a living hell one way or another. Alec and Matt were in there. The ones I claimed to love. "I hate you two most of all," I said between sobs. Stay strong, Annamarie. Don't be weak. I wiped away my tears and started up the car. I was going to try hard to make this modeling business so I can get far away from here. I never want to return to this place if I have a choice. I hated everyone. No one stuck around for me. People left or changed or both. I just hate everyone. I took a long look at the stupid high school I was at for most days. I sped away. I don't want to suffer. Why is it that I deserve to suffer? I may not be a great teenager but it didn't mean that I deserved everything that happened to me. I began thinking about my past. I lost so many friends. I've suffered 101 heart breaks. I was just tired of it all but it's not like I can do anything about it. I arrived at the place where Lacey agreed to meet with me. I shut off the car, got out, and opened the big doors of this huge building. Lacey was sitting on a couch, waiting for me and she smiled as soon as she saw me.

"Good morning, Annamarie. My assistant will be here in a minute with your hot chocolate since I was informed that you don't drink coffee," she stated. I raised my eyebrows. How did she know this?

"Thank you, Lacey."

"So Matt will be here in a bit with Aubrey. They want to see you in action. Isn't it amazing? Matt got the love of his life back," Lacey exclaimed. She was grinning from ear to ear. I faked a smile and nodded. "I mean when Aubrey broke up with him, he was torn up. Then umm that friend of his. What was his name..? Hmmm, well whatever his name was doesn't matter. His friend cheered him up after a few months and my boy was back to normal. I hope she doesn't break up with him again. He'll be devastated!" I really didn't want to talk about this so I began to look around.

"This is a very big place. Shouldn't we be going upstairs to set up?" Lacey was taken back by my reply and sudden switch of topics but she moved towards the elevator anyways. Once we got in the elevator and the doors began to close, we heard a voice yelling, "Hold the elevator!" Lacey began to press the open button and held it open. I waited and saw Matt and Aubrey heading our way. I rolled my eyes and dug myself deeper into the corner of the elevator. They came into the elevator looking very ebullient. Matt had his arm over his shoulder and treated her with the gentlest care. She didn't deserve that because she was a heart breaker. They finally noticed my presence.

"Oh, hey! You're the girl that helped me," she said excitedly. She began to squint at me as if she was trying to remember something. "You're also the staring girl from yesterday when Matt and I were making out!" I slowly nodded to her statements and looked at the elevator numbers. Why didn't Matt even acknowledge me? Did I mean that little to him? Did he also forget that he had me as a friend? I ignored this and got straight to modeling once we got onto the official floor. I tried to ignore Aubrey and Matt silently whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears. I ignored their giggles and all of their caresses as I modeled. I tried so many different poses today. The photographer was amazed and said my poses were fierce in a good way. He continued to photograph until 12: 15 p.m. when it was time for him to wrap up. He frowned, told me that he wanted to photograph more of me, told me that he'd be in touch with my agent, and left his business card with Lacey. I grinned and went to change back into my normal clothes.

"Lacey! It's been so great being here but I have to go home and change before the game." We said our goodbyes and I completely ignored the 2 lovebirds. I drove him and checked on my father. I had to make sure that he was out cold. I would have to check on him after the football game. I changed into a hoodie twice my size, some gray skinny jeans, and my black converses. I could look calm and laid back now. It's not like I had anyone to impress anyways so I headed to the football game. The parking lot was full when I got there but I found a parking spot anyways. There wasn't much going on there. I sat and ate a hot dog while the love birds sat next to me making out. I glanced over for a second. I just wanted Matt but I guess for that, I had to speak up. That's something I don't want to do because I fear getting hurt and being rejected. I'd also damage a good friendship. I didn't want to do any of that. I just wish I knew how Matt felt about me. It'd make everything 100 times easier. I watched the cheerleaders as they danced at half time. They all look like sluts in their tiny uniforms. They purposely didn't wear any shorts under so people could see their underwear. I rolled my eyes and began to play around with my phone. Why was I even here at this football game? I want more time to get ready for the masquerade ball. I picked up all of my stuff and rushed to my car. My costume was at my house so that's where I headed. I took a shower, put on makeup that looked difficult, did my nails, and stood in front of the mirror just staring at the little details of my body. I observed a strange bruise on my hip. Hmm. . . . I looked closely at my left leg and found 5 mysterious bruises. Where did these come from? I ignored it for now and got into my black swan dress. It was gorgeous. It stuck to the top half of my body and began to get looser up to mid thigh. That's when it turned into a high-low skirt. It was stunning. I put on an eye mask that was lacey. I straightened out my hair and put on my black high heels. I gathered everything and headed to my car again. I looked at the time. Time did fly. It was already 8: 02 and the ball started at 8: 15. That's perfect because by the time I get to school, it will already be 8: 15. I checked on my father to give him a few more pills and was on my way out. I smiled at my appearance one more time and got into the car. I was at school in no time and I was one of the first to be there. I walked in the cafeteria and it was organized beautifully. The decorations were magnificent and everything looked so different. My school looked decent for once. Pretty soon, the cafeteria was full of people. The music was at full blast and people didn't waste any time to get to dancing. The first few songs were a bunch of club music so I just wanted to walk around the school. I didn't feel like dancing in this beautiful dress to club music. I walked up the stairs to the second floor and all you heard were the echoes of my heels. I looked at all the posters of the bullying awareness, the posters for clubs, and the posters to raise awareness about suicide. I just walked the vacant halls then remembered that this is where my life changed a lot. I walked to Alec's locker and opened it; remembering his combination perfectly. I opened it and looked at his locker still full of the pictures of him and me. I traced the edges with the tip of my fingers as I remembered all the great laughs we shared. There was one picture that caught my attention. It was the one he took of me alone when we went to a roller skating rink. We skipped school that day and my hair was a mess. I looked a mess yet Alec said it was his favorite picture of me. I closed the locker and walked upstairs to the 3rd floor. The walls were full of murals that our students here painted themselves. It was their way of being creative and then I walked to the wall where only the writers can write their poems or stories. I looked at one and read it:

'Trapped behind this mask,

Everyone believes the beautiful smile,

Perfection isn't possible,

I'm tired,

Stop asking for the best of me,

Because when I do give my best, you sit behind me,

Only to tell me that I'm not good enough,

And that I never will be.' The handwriting was beautiful and the poem was well composed. It just had initials S.R. with a heart next to it. I continued to walk and then I was face to face with a masked stranger. I glanced at them and continued to walk past them but the stranger caught me by my wrist. They pulled me back towards them and pinned me down to the wall.

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