Love is a puzzle. I can't think of one thing about it that doesn't fit beautifully.

When two people realize that they match, they click together, and stay together as long as they match for.

Some people don't want to match. The keep their hearts locked for a special person, with a shape to their puzzle piece being the only one that fits only one person.

Some people think they fit, and they do, but the painting is wrong. They can't imagine their lives together, even if they are meant for each other.

Some have a puzzle piece made of clay. They change it all the time, "Clicking" with person after person, but eventually, they harden, and they have to find the one that really fits.

Sometimes two people have connected, and when one of them leaves the other, it breaks the other's heart, and puzzle piece forever. It takes a while to fix, but it might never be the same.

I've seen some people with shapes that don't match. Yet, somehow, they connect, in a way no one can explain. Because their paintings match. And they grow together, fitting each other in a way unique to them. Those are the relationships that are always the best to watch come together.

When two puzzle pieces have decided that they want to be together forever, they go and get some glue. The glue is marriage, and it's incredible to watch those two puzzle pieces become one.

God gave everyone their own puzzle piece, and it just might change over time, but out there somewhere, is the one that matches your piece.

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