Harold Dane put his head in his hands and sighed. "Don't tell me it's gotten smarter again."

"Fraid I have to, boss," his assistant said. "More connections. All over the Net. Its programming links seem to be approaching the human complexity range."

Dane sat up straight in alarm. "A randomized robotic intelligence nearing human complexity? Kane swore it wasn't possible."

"Then he was mistaken, boss," the aide said unflinchingly.

"When do you think it's coming?"

"The bot theorists are saying 'soon' but no more. It's not just got a Facebook, there's a half dozen other networking accounts floating around: I'm-A-Robot, Improbable-Connection, and similar."

"I never wanted to randomize it, but Kane said..." Sudden resolve came into Dane's posture. He pushed back his chair and turned to leave.

"What are you going to do?" the aide asked, confused by his boss's puzzling behavior.

"What we should have done months ago. What I would have done... if Kane hadn't told me the whole project was safe. A safe beginning were his words." Dane turned back and looked at the other man with compassion in his eyes. "If it isn't already too late."

An excerpt from the magazine Real News for Real People:

Harold Dane, leader of the team that created the robotic brain Savior, was found dead of a heart attack this morning by his wife, Natalie. By a striking coincidence, forensic experts tell us that his masterwork, a thinking machine he nicknamed Savior, reached the human complexity threshold at the instant of his death. It is unfortunate that Dane could not be present to witness the flowering of his brainchild.

As well as being a major scientific breakthrough, this occurrence may also have religious significance in that...