So this is the sequel... of sorts (title is under construction...). It will follow the lives of Jack, Addie, Miles and Jan after the events in "Stop Judging Me". They are in no particular order in time and aren't really connected. Some will be angsty (aka Jack's), some happy (aka Addie's) and some are pretty mild (Jan and Miles).

I hope you enjoy these drabbles :)

(Please note that this story will also have a variety of different tenses).


Character(s): Jack.

Age(s): 21

Rolling over, I smile. Beside me is the man I love; Blue hair, strewn all over the place with hands clenched into tight fists, face pinched into a deep scowl, signalling that his dream is irritating him. I smooth a hand down his side and press my lips to the spot, just below his ear which drives him wild and let them linger. I hear an intake of breath and simply know that he is awake. His eyes remain close as those magic lips of his stretch into a wide, toothy grin; and my arms slide around him and pull him close, even though I am only an inch taller than him but that doesn't matter to either of us, even if he pretends that it does. He sighs and places his hands over mine and, in a low murmur, says. "I love you", I reply with, "I love you too" and kiss his cheek.

I then open my eyes to find an empty bed in a small empty apartment and know that I am alone. I remember that he is gone and has been for many, many years.

I curl up in my bed, holding my blankets close and try to cease my tears before I face another day with another false smile.