I have decided to post a collection of short stories from - well - all of my stories. Yeah, that's right; all my characters in one place. Sound fun?

Well. I've already written two, but the rest are up to you. YOU as my READERS will pick the couple/character (minor, main it doesn't matter); pick the situation or even a key word and I'll write about it. You guys control the story; I'm just writing them. (YES! EVEN THE INCOMPLETE ONES!)

Start thinking because I start posting as soon as I wake up tomorrow (So you probably have a good eleven hours to collect your thoughts).

So as a quick recap; a collection of one shots and short stories in one book about every character I have written about, whether minor or major. You guys choose the characters and situation, I write about it.

So get thinking! You can either PM me your ideas/requests or comment at the end of each chapter. I'm counting on you guys :)

Also; sorry to bring up that FB page all the time, but it's mainly for important announcements like this, otherwise I'm only spamming your inboxes with the same message over and over again.

Okay. Announcement done!