I'm shaking, so cold, wraped in a thin sheet of dispair,

My depression has made me, feel like I'm gasping for air.

The words people say, are cruel, and they hurt,

Everyone kicks me around, layers me with dirt.

I feel so unexcepted, so out of place,

That I feel invisible, and people don't see my tear-stained face.

I'm so close to the edge, of just falling apart,

When my labels become more than just quiet, and smart.

I'm screaming, silently, pleading for someone to care,

But no one sees, or hears, and this pain is getting too much to bear.

Yet, I force a smile, plaster it on my face,

So no one sees, my disgrace.

But if you cared, you would know,

That on my arms, are scars that I choose not to show.

They are there because, it's my complicated reason,

To escape, even for a moment, to a land without treason.

I know you don't get, I know you don't understand,

But this is me, sad, depressed, just the complicated person in which who I am.

If you think I chose, to feel so down,

You couldn't be more mistaken, just listen to me, and how I try not to complain, to never make a sound.

Half the time this life, makes me want to cry,

Curl up into a ball, end it all, and just die.

I'm an outcast at school, unwanted by my family,

How am I expected to pretend, life's all fine and dandy?

I battle this war, with myself,

I want to end it, and forever be a dusty book on a old shelf.

No one would miss me, you know its true,

Everyone would be happy, to see that I'm through.

So why don't I just do it, let it all end tonight,

No ones going to stop me, no ones going to put up a fight.

So, all alone and so sad,

I'm going to leave, be gone, because things are just so bad.

It's better this way, but I guess I don't have to say,

Because nobody truelly cares anyway.

And now, because I don't want to cut, and I don't want to cry,

This is my last, and final goodbye.