I threw a stone into the water. Just to watch the ripples? No. No, it was much more than that. It had little to do with the patterns that cascaded upon the water as the stone sunk to the bottom. Even less to do with the altering light glimmering off of the disturbed water face. The sound held no satisfaction for me. It was not the aftermath I was interested in.

It was the destruction itself.

You see, before the stone struck the water by the fate I had dealt it, the water perfectly reflected the world. The weeping willow only a few feet away was just as solemn in the reflection, practically wallowing in its own sorrow. A bird had flown past for only a second. Each beat of its wings creating a perfect motion in accordance to the water. The grass was more grey than green as it was shown upon the yet disturbed mirror. The entire world was somehow trapped inside a small puddle.

This frustrated me. What right did that Willow tree have to be sad? Its world was perfectly undisturbed. Perfect in most ways that were usually be missed. Though, illogical thoughts such as these are often followed by thoughts of the same orientation. What right did that bird have to be so carefree and unrestrained? I couldn't stand it. When chains weren't wrapped around my very self then it was only so I could fall apart. I was either trapped or torn nowadays, never an in between. Often I sat with my arms about myself in a childish effort to keep myself from falling apart at the very seams. And the grass could feed it weariness to another. It's tired countenance held nothing for me except to provide a perfectly mirrored image of what I, myself, may seem to be.

So, just as a small child would out of the envy that strikes its heart, I picked up a stone. Small and round without imperfection. Of course I would pick a stone such as this. For perfection to destroy perfection would be the irony that supplemented my joy. Though, I recognized these actions as immature and thoughtless it nonetheless, made me feel better to watch the stone shatter the reality that held such perfection.

The reality that held me...