Whoever thought that a lazy girl like her would be the makeup artist for a popular band that's becoming known around the world? She surely didn't.

Samira Marchi, just your average lazy teenage girl. Well maybe not your average teenage girl, how many girls do you know that enjoy TV, videos games, eating, sleeping, reading, and surfing the web? Probably not many, but she is one of the few that don't care.

Behind closed doors and open doors, she's a slob and lazy. She dresses how she wants to, which in her terms means the first thing she lays hands on, even if it doesn't match. Her favorite hairstyle is the infamous messy bun.

Though, she has a passion that not many know about...

Well, no one but her subscribers on YouTube were she actually brings her passion to life...

When she gets older, she wants to be a makeup artist and the quickest way to her dream is for her to show exactly what she can do on camera.

She has an account on YouTube where she places all of her beauty tutorial videos and she shows her true talents, with more than one million subscribers. If it takes hiding her face just to show that true talent doesn't come from looks, then so be it.

Yet, what happens when her dream turns into a reality all starting with her and her tutorials?

One of the hottest rising bands of the world scampered across one of her hypnotizing videos and sends her a message, offering to hire her as there make-up artist, also offering two free backstage tickets.

Her sister, being the manikin for her beauty tutorials, is ecstatic about the one in a life time chance of meeting the five hot musicians, yet, Samira not so much.

Will she finally achieve her goal at becoming a famous makeup artist or will she fall like the rest of the lost souls looking for fame?

Matter-of-fact, will she get off her lazy butt to actually go to the concert, starting her dream?


(Her) Perfect Imperfections