I went home after school exhausted. I know I'm not new or anything, but why would Brad start talking to me all of a sudden? He usually ignores me like everyone else does. Maybe my argument with the teacher got him interested? Well, I do that most of the time. I fall on my bed closing my eyes to rest my aching brain. I usually patrol my territory. I'm very protective. I get up lazily and still dazed when out of the blue I heard rustling. My tiger ears pop up and flicker trying to find what direction it's coming from. I listened carefully trying to figure out what animal it is. I hear light footsteps. It's not an animal it's a person. What could a person be doing in a dense forest? I go outside alert and ready. I hear the crunch of sticks and twigs breaking. I shift into a tiger so it will give me a good camouflage. I start heading towards the sound and hide behind a few bushes. I move to get a better look and I could tell by the person's height that the person is male. I crouch and move silently with my padded paws. The guy turns around and I see his face. No, impossible how did he get here? It was Brad. Was it by accident? Or did he follow me home? I could see his face confused and a little worried. I changed back into human form and walked up to him.

"Need any help?" I asked. He jumped and turned around.

"Um . . . No, not really. Why are you here?"

"I could ask you the same," I walked closer. I noticed how tall he was, probably 2-3 inches taller. He was well built and I could see how someone would fall for him with his soft wavy platinum blonde hair. His deep blue eyes feel intense and it seems like he's holding a secret in his hypnotizing eyes.

"I was just walking and thinking. Hey, when you have fan girls following you around, you appreciate your time alone."

"Wow, he could get cocky even when he's lost in my territory. I can't believe I actually thought he was hot," I thought. "You're lying. Are you sure you're not lost?"

"Y-yeah, why would I be lost?" He rubbed his neck.

"Well, okay suit yourself."

I was about to walk away when he said, "Wait. Okay fine you caught me. I'm lost."

Wow even he would admit that. "Okay follow me." I started to walk northwest and he followed like a little duckling. Would it be okay for him to come to my home? I pushed the thought outside when Brad said, "Thanks for helping me out."

"No problem," I wanted to clarify that just because I was helping him doesn't mean we're close and that I'm not going to be any friendlier than I already am.