Medea walked down the street with a single thought on her mind. One foot after another, she propelled herself father down the street, moving swifter with each step. The street was empty. A dark alley-like strip of concrete surrounded by dingy apartment complexes bathing in moonlight.

She stopped to read a number on one of the buildings.


Within moments she had reached her destination on the fourth floor.

Apartment number 466.

'Charles,' she said to herself. 'You piece of shit.'

On that note Medea moved to opened the creaky door she knew so well. Charles never locked his door, he assumed himself untouchable. The bronze nob twisted with a familiarity that threatened to bring back memories. She shoved them away. Afraid of waking her victim, she stopped with the door half open to avoid the creaking sound and grabbed a gun from her inner coat pocket, her hands gloved.

She walked briskly across the living room and into the bedroom and pointed the gun at Charles' head. She kicked the bed.

'Rise and shine, you bastard.'

Charles stirred from his sleep, looking to Medea with at first confusion, then realization.

'Please, darling. You can't shoot me!' He pleaded.

Medea repressed a chuckle. Of course she wouldn't shoot him, the sound of a gunshot would wake up the entire building. The gun was just for show. Persuasion, one could even say.

'Don't breathe a word, or I'll shoot,' but you're dead either way, she thought to herself.

He obeyed. Medea approached his bed and zip-tied his hands.

'What are-'

'I said shut up!' She whispered, pressing the gun against his head and grabbing a roll of duct tape.

In no time at all she had him right where she wanted him. Attached to a chair on top of his mattress in the living room so the sound of him falling would be muffled. She grabbed an airtight plastic bag and placed it over his head. When she finished setting up her plan, she saw the realization in Charles' eyes.

He was going to suffocate.

And he struggled at first and tried to cry out, but no one came.

Medea pulled a locket from inside her shirt after she was the light pass from his eyes. She pictured his soul, his life trapped inside and she felt a smile creep onto her face. It was a locket that he had given her for her seventh birthday.

'You were a really shitty dad,' she said as she reached once again into her inner coat pocket and pulled out a knife. 'A coward, a drunk. A pervert and a sadist. Didn't you ever think I knew?'

She looked down at his body, snatching up one of his arms and grabbing it by the wrist. 'A real piece of work. She was my fucking mom. Did you ever even love her?'

Medea slid the knife into the skin just above his middle knuckle, and sawed away. Blood dripped down and she made sure to avoid getting any of it on her clothes, except her gloves. That was unavoidable. She heard the knife cutting through his pathetic little bones in the silence of the night, and finally, his finger was no longer attached to his hand. Her lips smirked as she placed the piece of his corpse in a zip-lock bag. She grabbed the gun from the counter on her way out.

The gun was heavy in her hand, reminding her of the weight of the thing she had just done.

Medea only smiled wider. Her loyalty had just been proven. He was going to be proud.

When she got home early in the morning, she burned her gloves, and went straight for bed.

But as usual, sleep did not come. It was hard enough sleeping on a lumpy bed with thin curtains letting the light of an approaching sunrise. It wasn't guilt that was keeping her up.

It was anticipation.

Medea had plans. Charles was merely the first step in a long and detailed plan. He was a part of something bigger than him. It was even bigger than her. Change was coming and she wasn't the only one demanding it. In a matter of hours, the next step would be upon her, this one much larger and more crucial. As inexperienced as she was, she was never assigned any tasks out of her league.

But she had been planning on killing Charles for quite a while. When the opportunity fell into her lap last week, she couldn't resist the rest of the package that came with her loyalty the the organization. It was just what she had been waiting for.

After giving up on any ideas of sleeping, Medea pulled the bloody finger out of her pocket. Change was upon them all.

The day had dragged on from the morning. Coffee had been consumed like water until Medea could no longer fight the need for natural sleep. When she woke up, darkness streaked against the sky.

The clock told her it was about 5:30. Now that winter was approaching, days were being cut short. She got up, ran a brush right through her hair, and put another pair of gloves on. Her target this evening was no one she knew personally, but a name nonetheless familiar to everyone in the city. Not a big idol, but always discussed in hushed tones. Few people believed he was real. And those who were certain of his existence knew the power he held. Blackmailing senators and mayors, manipulating them.

And tonight he would die.

Medea walked into Lionel's that night with the intention of washing away the awful day she'd had with a glass of whiskey, like she usually did on her bad days.

However, on her way to a table in the back, she ran into someone who appeared to recognize her.

"Medea?" She looked up into the face of a man she hadn't seen since he dropped out of high school his junior year.

"Loki?" He hadn't changed much. Same mischievous smirk and challenging eyes. "It's been a while."

"Well, only five years..."

"Yeah, like I said, it's been a while. You just disappeared of the face of the earth. Where did you even go off to?"

"Aww, did I hurt your feelings?" Loki teased her. "Left with no friends, left alone to suffer through three more years at the insufferable institution?"

"Well, you had almost graduated! What was so much more important that a high school diploma couldn't wait?"

"Like a diploma even means anything these days. People want you to go to college and shit. It's just not my kind of thing."

"Loki, you're avoiding the question."

"How about I buy you a drink and we can talk about it?"

Medea grinned. "Yeah... sounds good."

Medea hustled down the streets, the address repeating in her mind.

1318 W Revelation Road. How enlightening. Clouds covered the sky and snow threatened to fall. The first snow of the year.

Medea loved snow. Its delicate beauty fascinated her. Snowflakes were so fragile, so... breakable. So beautiful. Holding one was like dancing on a wire. Frozen in time. Captivated.

Streetlights passed; patches of failed flower beds fell behind her as she entered a part of the city darker than the one she was in last night. Charles was just plain poor. Scum, if you will. But Medea knew that

Henry, her next target, hid in the slums because he didn't want to be found.

He had rented out the entire apartment complex so he could be graced with some privacy. Stopping outside the building, Medea knew what she had to do. Armed with a gun and a silencer Loki mailed her, she trudged up to the third and top floor of 1318 W Revelation Road.

Apartment number 333.

Or so that was what Loki's spies had told him. In reality, he could have been be in anyone of those apartments.

Medea took a key out of her pocket. Loki had stolen it from Henry yesterday. He may be a heartless manipulative bastard, but all Henry really was was a clumsy drunk. Just like Charles had been. She silently thanked Loki for assigning her that task for the other night, but just as suddenly as the thought began, it ended and she shoved the key in the lock and turned her hand.

It worked.

She noiselessly traipsed though the apartment, hoping Henry was home. Sure enough, she heard snoring from another room. The bedroom, presumably. However, when she arrived at the open doorway, she saw he wasn't alone. A naked blond woman's butt was exposed due to the way Henry seemed to be hoarding most of the duvet.

The bitch probably deserved to be killed as much as he did. Serves her right for letting him fuck her on a mattress with holes in it. Springs were sticking out in the bottom. She was one classy bitch.

Medea pulled the gun from her coat and without a second thought and fired twice, hitting both naked bodies right in the forehead.

But she wasn't done. She pulled a knife from her pocket and inched towards Henry's body. She placed the recently sharpened knife on his face, and in one powerful swipe, she held his bloody ear in her hand.

She put it in a bag and left, making sure no blood appeared on her clothes.

Tomorrow morning, influential people, people with power, would all sigh in unison with relief. They could start undoing the damage Henry fucking Anthony had done.

Loki knew people that would ensure they all undid it the right way.

And just like that, another sleepless night was upon her. Another night of tossing and turning before she just gave up on it.

But it doesn't have to be that way, Medea thought.

Instead of going home, she went to go see Loki. In high school he had been her good friend. Her only friend. The only one she had to turn to when her father was occupied with her mother. He understood it all. He was always there for her. So yes, her feelings were hurt when he left without a word of goodye.

She rang the doorbell on his house, wondering how he could afford such a place. She heard him coming down the stairs and then saw his face as the door opened.

'Medea, come in.' He greeted, shutting the door behind her. 'How did it go?'

'He had some naked slut with him, so I just took her down, too'

He beamed at her. 'Nice work. You've really come a long way from where you were five years ago. Back then the idea of killing anyone, even that man who you called your father, would have repulsed you. I'm glad you were able to join my cause. Our cause'

She couldn't help but return his look of delight, simpering up at his handsome face.

'Now how about we get some food for you, you must be hungry after your long day.'

"So, what happened after you disappeared?"

"Medea, must you always be in a hurry? I've only just started my second drink."

"Loki, don't you think I deserve an explanation for what happened?"

"Why would you think that?"

"We were friends. I just thought you cared..."

His playful expression turned grim as she trailed off. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He downed the rest of his drink in one gulp before continuing. "The world was just so messed up. You of all people should understand. I wanted change. I craved it. So I left. Just woke up one morning and instead of going to school, I ran. I met people. I told them what I wanted, and some of them wanted to help me. That was when the idea was born. We we going to change this world, one person at a time. Get rid of all the key figures that led it this corruption, or even just stood for it. Which brings me to why I found you Medea. I want your help."

Loki saw Medea off after their dinner of veal marsala. It was her favorite.

The light in her eyes was slightly... lustful as they parted on the doorstep. He always knew she wanted him as more than a friend. He chuckled slightly at this. He had plenty of beautiful women at his beck and call. Why would he want Medea? Not that he'd decline if she offered. She was ravashingly beautiful, and neither of them really knew how friendship was supposed to work, so if he lost that by sleeping with her it was no great loss.

And he still could safely assume her loyalty to the cause would remain.

No, she wasn't that stupid, and she was going to great things. She had so much potential to change the world. Those bastards wouldn't know what hit them.

Medea always felt a pang of sadness when she departed from Loki's company. But so it goes. She could deal with it. He said that he would mail her another address later in the week as well as equipment for carrying out her task.

Her plan for now was to sleep. The sun was just starting to send pink streaks across the sky and she was dead tired.

That night she dreamed of Charles.

And of course when she woke up at about three the next afternoon, she was hungry. She decided to go to Loki's to see if he had any dinner plans. She could show him Henry's ear, or Charles' finger. On second thought, she figured that for now she should just put the ear under her mattress (it was safer there) and then she'd go over to Loki's house.

She took off her clothes as she sauntered over to the bathroom, undoing the ponytail that held back her greasy hair.

She looked at her face in the mirror. Her spellbinding, enchanting dark eyes contrasted with her pale face. The face of an evil enchantress. The thought made her smile slightly, but perhaps not as much as it once would have.

A warm shower was just what she needed in this cold weather. The news had been anticipating the first snow of the year for weeks now. It was only a matter of time. After showering she put on a black dress, some shoes, her coat, and out of habit, she put on her gloves.

Leaving the house at five put her at Loki's at about 5:45. An appropriate time for dinner, especially since she figured she wasn't the only one of them that hadn't eaten since last night. She rang the doorbell, and it took a few minutes for him to come down and open the door. When he did, he was clad in only a pair of shorts that were on backwards as if put on in a hurry with his black hair all in a mess.

'Medea, so glad to see you.'

'Uh, were you in the middle of... something?'

'No I was just finishing. Could you wait in the kitchen while I escort... oh what's her name? Miranda? To the door?'

'Oh, yes sure thing.'

In not very long Miranda was out the door and Loki was in the kitchen with Medea, still wearing backwards shorts.

'I was wondering if you wanted to eat some food. We still have so much to catch up on.'

'Medea, are you abusing this friendship in exchange for food? I though you were better than that.' He joked, flashing her his mischievous smirk. He looked irresistible in his backwards shorts as silly as it was. She always thought he was beautiful. It didn't matter what he was wearing.

He seemed to read this in her expression, because the next minute he was kissing her, and struggling to undo the zipper of her dress and she was kicking off her shoes. He led her upstairs to his room where she noticed the bed hadn't even been made since he'd fucked Miranda.

But it didn't bother her.

"Miss Johnson, are you paying attention?" Medea was snapped out of her trance.

"Of course, Mr. Payson."

He didn't seem to believe her but continued anyway.

Loki hadn't been to school in two weeks, and she was getting anxious. He disappeared for a day, maybe two sometimes, but never two weeks. She was worried.

Things were only getting worse at home. Las week it was rare she didn't hear her mom crying and screaming through the thin walls of her room after her father left in the middle of the night to get even more drunk.

Medea could of course go and comfort her, but that was not the nature of their relationship, so instead she slept.

Then on Monday her mom killed herself and her dad was getting antsy, not having anyone close around to beat up. It was only a matter of time before he realized he hated his daughter, and she was just like his wife. And then he'd take it out on her.

Her mother and her were never very close, but Medea could always count on the fact that they loved each other.

For the past few years since middle school, she could always depend on her somewhat questionable friendship with Loki. He was always there. He always understood.

But now he was gone, and so was her mother.

And for all it was worth, so was she. She was beginning to fade into a different person.

The next morning Medea returned home.

Of course she was glad about what happened, but she hated that they both had to shrug it off and move on. She hated that she had gone from his friend to one of the sluts he went to for sex. Or maybe he didn't want to come back to her. Those skanks were just skinnier and better at it than she was.

She pushed the thought away. That was something she was good at.

Loki had given her another assignment. And she wasn't about to fail.

The third murder was a lot like the second, only she didn't bring home any souvenirs. Only realization.

I just killed a man. A man I didn't know. A man I'd never heard of before. I'm just like Charles. Mom didn't deserve to die. What's happening to me?

Who am I now? Who have I become.

I'm hopelessly in love with a man who only loves himself who has already abandoned my once, and I have a feeling that it won't be the last time he does it. I'm doing his bidding. I've fallen into his spell, his control, just to see if I was wrong.

Just to see if he ever loved me.

I'm not me.

I'm a shadow of who he wants me to be.

She left her apartment in a hurry. There were a few things she needed to pick up at the store.

Dear anyone who cares,

I know they say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but my problem was permanent. What hope was there for me, a woman not even twenty with the blood of three people on her hands. I know you said we were going to change the world, Loki, but I don't know if I ever believed you. Truth is, ever since you walked out on me five years I ago, I knew I'd do anything for you if you walked back in.

Even kill. Charles deserved it, but who was I to give it to him? I don't know if I'll ever believe it was the right thing, because after the feeling of pride I felt after getting rid of him faded away, I only felt more and more empty.

I've been trying to deny it, but after you left, I just... changed I became someone I never wanted to be. Why did any of us ever think perfection was ever ever ours to attain? 'Cause we know all of us are far from it.

But know that no matter how much I love you Loki, I'd never be able to forgive you for ultimately being the cause of my demise, no matter how much both of us deserved it.

See you in another life,


They found her hung from a beam in her bedroom having suffered a slow and painful destruction. At least 20 minutes of suffocation.

Loki couldn't say he didn't see it coming. She was so fickle. So emotional. He thought she could handle it. He was wrong.

And for some reason she was in love with him. Such a laughable notion.

But he knew he'd see her in hell

I just killed another woman tonight,

but this one died so easily.

She couldn't go on and wanted to die.

I should know, that woman was me.

A/N: I'm so stoked that I've finally finished this. It's based on a ballad I had to write for English class and one day, I just really wanted to deepen it and add more. And this was born. I'm not too sure about the ending, but sadly it's the strongest I could come up with. I hope you review, because I really want some feed back on this as I plan on writing a some more stuff like this... slightly longer short stories. I did proofread this, but it's late... or eh... early, so it's very likely I missed something.