Everyone has a Guardian Angel that watches over them. From the moment they're born to the day they die, their Guardian Angel keeps an eye on them and keeps them as far away from danger as they can.

Of course, Guardian Angels can only do so much. They can only save their assigned human from certain death once without getting harmed, themselves. Once they save the person, once, they essentially become mortal and are as vulnerable as man is himself.

Of course, though, they still have certain powers. Such as the ability to fly, turn invisible and enter their assigned human's body in order to keep them from getting harmed. Of course, doing so uses up so much of their energy that they can only do it once, maybe twice a month.

A Guardian Angel is the reflection of their human's soul. If a person is kind, and generous their Guardian Angel will be as well. If a person is horrible and selfish, their Guardian Angel will slack off, too. It also means that even though they are essentially above things such as gender, they will appear to be the same sex as the person to which they are assigned.

Do not illusion yourself with the thought that Guardian Angels cannot lie. In fact, they do that quite often if it is necessary to protect their humans. Sometimes, they'll even do it just for fun. They are just as imperfect as we man are.

Most people never know they have a Guardian Angel, nor do they ever get to meet them. For most people stay so safe that their Guardian Angel is never needed. There is, however, that tiny chunk that do.

However, with as small the chunk may be, there's still much fewer people who realize something even more important. Important, and scary.

That wherever there is life, there is also death….

Chapter 1

Let's get one thing straight before I start. I'm not "normal". I've never been "normal". Even before the incident, I wasn't "normal". Of course, the only people who said I wasn't "normal" then were the ones who were "normal". But now, by anyone's standards, I am considered "abnormal".

I stood in the corner, watching a man cross the street towards me. The man had bright red hair that spiked out even with the rain. That was his first dead giveaway.

He didn't see me-at least, not yet.. That didn't surprise me, though. No one ever really saw me. I was merely just a shadow, hiding. Just his watchman. And I liked it that way. If people saw me, they'd know. Know that I wasn't "normal".

I stepped out in front of him, completely stopping him in his tracks. He blinked, before glancing me over once, then smiling evilly. Not that that was surprising. All he saw was a fifteen-year-old girl with blonde hair dressed in a leather jacked and high heeled boots. The only odd thing was that I had rings on every last one of my fingers. A runaway at worst.

"Hey there," he smiled, taking a slight step towards me. I stepped back, milliseconds later as if it were instinct, "Now what's a little girl like you doing out so late at night?"

"I went t-t…" I paused, shaking my head as if deciding not to tell him, "Nothing, I'm just on my way home." I shuffled back as he took another step towards me, my had tightening over the leopard print umbrella that was keeping me dry.

"A little girl like you shouldn't be out so late." he was still herding me back into the alley we were currently in front of.

The thumb of my free had fingered the diamond ring on my pinky. The rough edges of the stone dug into my skin but I hardly noticed. My mind was completely focused on the an in front of me. Y now, we were at the back of the alleyway, faraway from any kind of help.

The man in front of me backed me into the wall, so that I was cornered. He bent down so that we were face to face. Now, I could see straight into his eyes. They were a bright red. Strange.

Not that my eyes were "normal" either.

"What's your name, little girl?" the man asked.

My thumb pressed hard on the diamond, making a soft "click", but he didn't notice. Nor did he notice the blue haired girl that suddenly appeared behind him until it was too late.

"Thanks, Athene!" I smiled over at the elf.

Athene turned to glare at me, "You interputed my date."

I shrugged, "Didn't know you were on one."

Athene's eyebrows immediately dropped to my bare neck, "You're not wearing the necklace." she stated.

My hand flew to cover the bare flesh, "so?"

"So, Heath is going to kill you."

"He can't always keep tabs on me. I'm not his servant."

Athene rolled her eyes, "Whatever. I'm going to back to my date." she shot me a smirk, "You know, it's that think you do when you have a boyfriend."

"SHUT UP!" I cried, pumping my fists in the air as she began to disappear. "I'M SINGLE BY CHOICE!"

"Whatever you say," Athene chuckled, before adding one last thing before she was gone, "Don't let him kill you too harshly. I don't want to have to clean up your blood and guts tomorrow." and then she was gone.

"Damn elf." I grumbled, kicking at t he man's body before starting for home. If Heath wanted to punish me so bad, he could do it in my room. I didn't feel like going all the way to his office.

I passed everyone, completely unnoticed. If anyone looked at me, it was probably to wonder why such a young girl was walking through the rain at 9:30pm on a Thursday night. All they saw was a blonde girl with high heeled boots and a leather jacket. That's all anyone saw. They saw me, and at the same time they didn't.

No one ever really saw.

"You're late." was the first thing I heard when I opened the front door. Looking down, I saw my little brother John glaring up at me with my skinny black cat, Doodle, cradled in his arms like a baby.

"I said I'd be home at ten." I replied, glancing down at my watch, "It's 10:09."

"I was scared to death!" John pouted, as Doodle screeched and hopped out of his arms, "You said you'd be home by ten."

I sighed, shaking my head, and walking past him into the living room. "Where're mom and dad?" I blanched, "Don't tell me they left you hear, alone."

John shook his head, "They're upstairs working on the budget. Said that I couldn't bug them. More importantly, where were you?"

I shrugged, "Movie got out later than I had planned." I started up the stairs, "I'm going to my room."

"The guy in black came again, today!" John called up, stopping me in my tracks.

I turned around, giving him a bit of a glare, "Did you talk to him?"

John shook his head, "I didn't answer the door, just like you told me too."

I nodded, "Good. Don't ever talk to him." I then started back up the stairs.

My entire family and I suffered from anxiety issues. We each tended to over react to different things. John didn't like it when he was home alone, or when he didn't know where someone was every second of the day. He was kind of like a mom. My parents were both just anxious about everything-and I, I had problems with abnormally large pills. Yeah, it wasn't the weirdest of anxieties, but damn, those things freaked me out.

I knew he was in my room, before I even opened the door. His quiet, and carefully timed breathing on the other side was a dead giveaway. I didn't wonder how he got up to the third floor-his kind could do anything.

So, instead of screaming, I just calmly opened the door, and stepped in. Sure enough, there he was, perched on the office chair that was by my desk. He looked exactly the same as he did when I last saw him two weeks ago. Black hair hanging over one of his dark brown almost black eyes. The same black t-shirt with ripped jeans and black combat boots… and the same black cape. He never changed.

"Do you want something?" I asked, moving over to the closet to pull out my pajamas.

His right hand stroked the necklace that was lying on my desk over my Algebra homework, "You took it off." he murmured.

I shrugged, "Didn't go with my outfit."

"You know you're never supposed to take this off." he continued to say as if I hadn't spoken at all.

"Why?" I shot back, just as calmly, "So you can keep tabs on me? I'm not your servant."

"That's not why I keep tabs on you, Violet. And you know that." he gave me a slight smirk.

I yanked a polo shirt off a hanger and chucked it over at him. He moved out of it's way-I knew that without even looking. "Then what is it for?" asked.

"To make sure you're safe."

"Cut that crap. You know perfectly well that I'm perfectly fine, out there."

"Are you?" I turned around to see that he'd picked up the necklace and was now holding it as if he were weighing it, "Are you really? Athene told me that you got into some trouble with a Goule, earlier."

"I'd hardly call it trouble. I wasn't in any kind of danger." I laid my pajamas out on the bed, "So, are you going to yell at me or anything?"

He shook his head, "No. I get the feeling that when I yell, it all just goes in one ear and comes out the other." he sighed, "I just never thought you'd be so eager to return there."

I shot a glare back at him, "I have no intention of going back there anytime soon."

"Ah, and there's where you're wrong." he got up and began to make his way over to me. Strange as it may sound, I was actually more scared of him, than the Goule I'd been facing, earlier. I backed up until he had me pinned against the wall with his hands on either side of my head.

"Everyone goes down there, eventually." he smiled, "You sooner, if that's what I want."

I bit my lip on a swear, and glared up at him. My hands clenched into fists at my side. It was true-if he wanted me to go back down there, it would happen. He always got what he wanted.

"Come to my office right after school tomorrow." he picked up a clump of my hair, "Oh, and Violet?"

"What, Heath?"

Heath bent down so that his mouth was right next to my ear. I felt something cold and familiar collapse around my neck as he did so-followed by a snap behind my head. "Don't take the necklace off, again."

And then, he was gone.