Chapter 20

I wasn't sure where I was. My head was buried in my arms, with dried tears staining my cheeks. Underneath me, I could feel a slightly lumpy mattress, but I wasn't laying on it. I was sitting on a padded chair next to it.

I blinked blearily, lifting my head up to see a girl with chin length red hair sleeping on what looked like a hospital bed. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place her. Wavy blonde hair that I recognized to be bleached (you know how to tell the difference when you see both everyday for almost as long as you can remember (Casey and I)) was spread out along her legs.

"Audrey." I whispered, though it didn't feel like it was me whispering it, but as if someone was controlling my mouth-and it wasn't my voice that came out, "Why? Why did you do it?" my captor made my hand reach out and brush a tangle out of the red head's hair, "In your letters, you always seemed to happy."

The sleeping girl didn't answer. Of course she didn't. People don't answer you when you're asleep.

A harsh chuckle burst out through my chest, "I'm supposed to be the one who ended up here for doing something stupid. You're supposed to be the good one-I'm not."

The scene suddenly blurred until it wasn't recognizable, anymore. When I was able to focus again, a black cat that looked a lot like Doodle was sitting in front of me. I was laying on my stomach on what looked like a huge brown couch, scratching the kitty's stomach. But, once again, it felt as if someone else was forcing me to do it. A movie I recognized as The Proposal was playing somewhere to my left. It was playing the part where the Ryan Renold's character announces that he's engaged to Sandra Bullocks.

"You're such a bad kitty, Bahgeera." I cooed, scratching the cat's stomach with my nonexistent nails, as he grabbed a hold of my wrist with all four of his paws as if to keep my hand there, "You know you're not supposed to be cute."

There was something perched on my back, though I wasn't sure what it was. It was a little bit heavy, not heavy enough to hurt my back, but definitely not something I would enjoy having to carry for more than a few yards.

The movie started to play where they describe how Ryan proposed to Sandra. I suddenly, got excited, twisting on my side and bending my arm at a slightly painful angle so that I could still scratch Bahgerra's stomach. The thing on my back fell down my tummy, which I then recognized to be a fat tiger cat.

"Hey, Shere Khan." I laughed, grabbing the tiger cat and clutching him to my chest before he could run away.

"His name isn't Shere Khan!" an older sounding man called from somewhere behind me, "It's Garfield! He's fat and he love Chef Boyardee!"

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever! Why don't you go and make me a girled cheese sandwich?! You can make yourself a boyd cheese sandwich!"

"Shut up! I was little! Don't make me regret telling you that story!"


I woke up with a start. Whoa, what had happened? I remembered walking through the woods, and then Heath had something he wanted to go back for. But after that… nothing.

Something was pulling at my hands, I glanced back to see that my wrists were tied together, as were my feet, and I had thicker rope wrapped around my torso and thighs. What the hell was going on?

"So you're finally awake." I whipped my head back around to see Scarlet standing above me with her arms crossed.

"What the hell are you doing?" I growled, twisting painfully in an attempt to get out of my restraints.

"She's doing what we asked her to." Heath answered, walking through the tent flap, with an unconscious and tied up Sid flung over his shoulder. They were followed by Casey, Roy and Luna.

He dumped my cousin on the floor next to me, causing him to promptly wake up.

"What the hell?!" he gasped, eyes wide, "What's going on?" then he caught sight of our captors, and his eyes grew even wider.

"I don't know." I answered, doing the exact opposite with my eyes-narrowing them, "But I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

Since Sid was tied up just like was, he couldn't get up on his own. So, Roy bent down and propped him into a sitting position. Sid yanked his shoulder out of the white haired boy's grip the second he was sturdy enough to.

Heath smiled wryly down at me, after Roy had straightened back up, "You didn't honestly think that we were going to let you come into the building with us?"

"What?!" I shrieked, at the same time Sid yelled, "Excuse me?!"

Casey shrugged, "We knew you guys would insist on coming with, but there was no way we were ever planning on letting you go all the way there with us." she cocked her head towards Roy, Luna and Scarlet, "That's why we called them."

Sid and I turned to the three newest members of our group, who were looking down at us with the same expressions as Heath and Casey.

"They called us up and told us the situation." Roy explained, "They wanted us to come and say we were here to help, and that Scarlet didn't know about this. That way, we could trick you while we were deep enough in the woods hat you wouldn't be able to find your way to the building, and leave you with her when she wasn't even supposed to be here." he shrugged, "It wasn't really that hard to convince her. I wasn't lying when I said she really wanted to meet you."

I turned my surprised stare to Scarlet, then. Sid didn't, though I wasn't surprised. He could probably only guess which one Scarlet was, seeing as how he'd never even met her.

Scarlet blinked down at me, as if she were surprised that I was surprised, "How do you think I was able to buy a room for every night?" she smiled wryly, "As you know, it's just my mother working in our house, so we're not exactly made of money. And," she shrugged, "Vampire money doesn't work in the human world." she chuckled, "You should know that better than anyone. Plus, how do you think Cloud was able to travel here without either you nor Heath knowing?"

I had to admit that she had a good point. None of the Guardians could travel to this world without using either my rings, or if Heath summoned them. So obviously he had to have had known. Damn, I felt like an idiot for not realizing this, sooner.

"So," I clenched my teeth together, "You're saying that everyone was in on this."


The tent flap opened again, to reveal three people. Two girls, one boy. All three were tall and insanely beautiful. The first girl had long wavy blue hair, yellow eyes that flashed, and was wearing a filmy green dress. The other girl had choppy shoulder length black hair, purple eyes and was wearing a strapless black dress that was so short, it was almost a shirt. And the boy had long white hair, black eyes, and a long red cape that hid everything below his nose.

"It's our job to keep an eye on you." Athene said, crossing her arms, "To make sure that the two of you don't try and escape and go and find that friend of yours."

"You have got to be kidding me." Sid groaned, shaking his head, "I DIDN'T COME ALL THIS WAY JUST TO WAIT ON THE SIDELINES!"

"YEAH!" Violet put in, leaning forward much like he was, "THAT'S OUR FRIEND IN THERE! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

Heath narrowed his eyes, bending down so that they were eye to eye, "Exactly. She's your friend. Which means that your being alive is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, she'll be just as scared after she's been rescued as before." he brushed his hair out from over his eye, "Weren't you the one who pointed that out?"

I glared at him, before whipping my head to the side, "Get out of my face." I hissed.

He didn't for a second, but then straightened up, and walked out of the tent. The other three hesitated for a second, staring down at Sid and I, uncertainly, but I merely turned my glare to them.

"The same goes for the rest of you." I growled.

They all sent us half apologetic, have sympathetic looks before following Heath out.

"So," I turned my glare back to Scarlet, "What are we supposed to do while we wait for them to return?"

Scarlet shrugged, "As soon as they get far enough away, you guys can be untied and do whatever you want just so long as you don't wander too far away from the camp site."

Those were the longest five minutes of my life. Well, according to Athene it had been five minutes, of course, I had no way of knowing, since my watch was behind my back and I didn't even know what time it had been when I woke up. It was currently 12:07.

Sid and I retreated to farthest corner away from everyone, our backs facing towards, them and put in our earbuds. That was our way of showing that we had no intention of even acknowledging their existence until Kelly was returned to us in tact.

After I'd gotten through Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid, That's How You Know from Enchanted and was halfway through Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book when my earbuds were yanked out of my ears.

I turned to see Scarlet smiling down at Sid-who'd turned around after Blaize had torn out his earbuds-and I. I narrowed my eyes, "What?"

Scarlet straightened back up, "Well, aren't you guys coming?" she asked.

I raised an eyebrow, "Where?"

"To go save that stupid friend of yours, of course." Blaize answered.

Sid and I glanced at each other, surprised and almost a little afraid to hope. I mean, what if this was a trick?

"Why?" Sid asked.

Cloud let out a huge laugh, "You didn't actually think that we would let them go and have all the fun while we sat here like little housewives?"

I turned to Blaize, "What about you? I thought you were too in love with Heath to ever do something against his orders."

Blaize rolled her eyes, "I'm so over him. Being too selfish to not let you go help find your friend, and make you sit here waiting in agony for what could very well be forever really set me straight." she smirked evilly, "Of course, that means that it's all open for you."

"I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH HEATH!" I shrieked, forgetting briefly about the other topic at hand.

Blaize let out a large laugh, "Yeah, sure, of course." she said sarcastically.

Then, Sid broke us off, jumping up suddenly, "Are you serious?!" he cried, "You're really going to let us go find her?!"

"Of course." Athene smirked, from behind Cloud moving over so that she could grab a hold of both of our friends, "Now, let's get going! Let's go save Kelly!"