Chapter 27

Scarlet and I were leaving for New York in a few minutes. Athene had brainwashed everyone in our families-aside from Sid and Kelly, of course-to believe that we were going to go stay with some cousins of ours. When, in reality, we were actually going to live with Gillian and Jason-who'd bought an apartment there so that we could.

Anyway, we were currently at the terminal, saying goodbye to our friends and family-well, I was saying goodbye to my family. Scarlet had done that the day before, when she'd flown back out to South Dakota, and I had said my goodbyes about a half hour earlier, before Athene made them think that I was already gone. You could tell that it was hard for Roy and Heath-who, as of two weeks ago, was officially my boyfriend-to let us go so far without them.

Scarlet and I were going undercover as two cousins who moved in with their aunt and uncle so we could attend the private school that the fourth girl was also infiltrating. I was a girl from France, and Scarlet was from Iowa. Our names would stay the same though, so that we wouldn't confuse anyone.

"I'm going to miss you so much." Kelly was saying, tears streaming down her face as she grabbed a hold of my hand, "Who knows when we'll see each other again?"

I chuckled, "It's March, Kell. Summer is only a little over two months away."

Kelly shook her head, "It's still too long. And you still haven't chosen, yet!"

I raised an eyebrow down at her, "Chosen what, yet?"

"Life or Death!" at all of our blank stares, she reiterated, "The prophecy stated that you would have to choose between Life and Death and you haven't! Your story can't be over, yet!"

"It never said when she had to choose, Kell." Athene put in, ruffling the blonde's hair, "She could choose years from now."

Kelly pouted, "But I can't wait that long…!"

Heath and Casey made their way up to me as Kelly continued to cry. I wrapped my arms around them, smiling into their shoulders. My boyfriend, and my Guardian Angel. Life and Death. What Kelly-and I don't think anyone else except for maybe Scarlet-realized was that when the prophecy said I had to choose between "Life and Death" it meant that I had to choose between them. Think about it. Guardian Angels represented Life, right? And Heath was Death.

But, how do you choose?

"Is our agreement still in tact?" I asked Heath, pulling back, "Do I still have to come live down with you in two years?"

Heath thought about it for a second, before shaking his head, "Make it three." he smiled, "You always struck me as the kind of person who'd rather be a year younger than her boyfriend than two."

I smiled back at him, "Then I know what my choice is." I grabbed their hands, whispering so that Kelly couldn't hear me, "Actually, I made it a long time ago. I choose… neither."

Heath's and Casey's eyes grew wide at that. That obviously hadn't been the answer they'd been expecting. They'd probably thought I'd say "both" or something cheesey like that.

"I mean," I continued, "That since I agreed to go live with him three months ago, that I'd already chosen. I chose neither. Since being down there meant that I wasn't alive, but I hadn't died, so I wasn't dead, either." I shrugged, "So, I chose neither."

Casey busted out laughing, "Only you would think of that." she smiled softly, calming down, "But seriously, take care of yourself."

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Uh… no. You take care of me."

Casey laughed again, "Fair enough. Here." she handed me a bag, "A gift from Heath and I."

I took the bag from her, and pulled out a white button up jacket, and black flats. I raised an eyebrow at them, feeling the fur of my brown leather jacket tickle my chin, "What're these?"

"New clothes." Heath explained, "They function just like your boots and brown jacket do. Casey just mentioned that you might have a better time blending in with that style instead of the ones I gave you."

"They're less…" Casey pursed her lips, as she thought of how to describe it, "tacky."

The two of us chuckled at that. Then our flight was called, and it was time to go. I hugged everyone real quick, pulling Heath to me tightly, and pressing my lips to his. Then Scarlet and I ran off.


We'd been up in the air for over an hour, before I finally decided to look through the bag more. There was the coat and flats that Casey and Heath had shown me, and at the bottom there were…

Three rings.

They weren't the rings, but similar. I smiled, delicately picking them up and holding them to my cheek, feeling the roughness of the stones.

As I did so, I felt myself relax immensely. The stones reminded me that everything would be alright. That no matter when I would return, Heath would still be waiting for me, still nineteen, with his black hair that fell over one dark eye, his black skull shirt, ripped jeans, and combat boots.

And of course he would have the cape.

He would still be my Mr. Black-Chains-And-Leather-And-Tacky-Cape.

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