Here, a little oneshot! I actually wanted to make it a comic, but I'm a lazy bastard...

Please Enjoy!

"Um, yeah, I found your cell phone so, uh... yeah I should... give it back to you. Uh, when are you free?"

Thank fucking God! Jeremy had lost his cell phone 3 days ago. Considering he couldn't live without that thing, the message left on his home telephone sure made his day. He had called the guy back (his name was Nathan) and they agreed to meet at the student café the next day. When the morning came, he wrapped his gray scarf around his neck, pulled it up to his chin and left his apartment 20 minutes early.

Surprisingly, he didn't have to wait very long until he felt a tap on his shoulder. The guy standing in front of him didn't look any older than him, 22 or 23 maybe. Dark brown strands of hair refused to stay under the warmth of his toque and fell down his forehead and over his eyes. His lips were chipped from the cold, and judging by his face, he really could use a good night of sleep.

"Uh... you're Jeremy, right?"

"Yeah, you found my cell phone?"

Nathan shoved his gloved hand in his coat's pocket and fished out a bright red cell phone. Jeremy would've loved to say it was exactly the way he left it, but it was so old and had so many scratches on the screen we wouldn't have noticed additional ones. Never mind that, he had it back. Nathan handed it to him, and he try to take it as casually as possible... Wouldn't want to show how desperate he was without it.

"Ah thanks man," Jeremy said. "I was going crazy without it." So much for trying to look casual... "You know what? I'm buying you a coffee."

Nathan looked embarrassed (and strangely ashamed, but the cold probably made it harder for Jeremy to read his face correctly.) He agreed after a short silence.

The heat of the coffee shop made blood flow back to his fingers and nose. He sat with Nathan in the corner of the room, coat and scarf on the back of his chair and drinking coffee as if his life depended on it. Nathan hadn't touched his yet, and didn't look like he intended to.

A second later, he was staring straight into Jeremy's eyes.

"I'm sorry, I lied."

The only response he got was a confused-Jeremy face.

"I didn't find your phone... I stole it. In the University's library."

Oh... Really? Now Jeremy kind of regretted treating him to a coffee. But, he brought the phone back anyway, so...

"No harm done in the end, I guess." Yeah, might as well forgive him. It was too cold outside to stay mad at anyone right now anyway. "Why did you bring it back anyway?"

"...Check your texts," mumbled Nathan.

Suspicious, Jeremy looked in his pocket and took out his phone. Check your texts... which one? After 3 days of not answering to anyone, he had a ton of them. "Start with the last one I guess." It was his girlfriend. She had texted him yesterday morning, and she...

...she was breaking up with him.

His face fell. So did his heart. They had been going out for a year and a half, and she didn't even have the decency to tell him face to face. What the hell? What the hell did she mean by "I want to see other people?" People didn't say things like that unless they were already cheating! Slowly looking up to Nathan, he knew it was the exact reason his phone was brought back. And he honestly looked sorry for him.

"I stole your phone, so... I'm gonna buy you as many coffee as you want and I'll listen to you talking shit about her... how does that sound to you?" he sadly smiled.

"Yeah... that sounds pretty good. Thanks..."

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