The Clich├ęd Horror Scene

The large chested blonde sits down on the couch and turns on the TV, flipping through the channels until she stumbles across some reality show. After a few minutes of watching the show, a familiar vibrate in her jean's pocket takes her mind away from the show. She pulls out her cell phone to read a text from one of her girlfriends about the new guy's butt. After a short conversation she puts the phone back into her pocket and turns her attention back to the show. The ringing of the home phone once again distracts her from the show that she is really starting to get into. "Hello." She says as she picks up the home phone. Breathing. That is all that can be heard from the other side of the phone. "Hello?" she says once again. Still nothing but the steady yet heavy breath could be heard. Annoyed, the blonde just hung up the phone and when right back to her show.

After just five minutes the phone rings again. "Hello?" Again nothing but breathing could be heard. "Stop calling asshole!" The blonde slammed the phone down on the jack. Just a few moments later the phone rings once again. "I thought I said to stop calling asshole!"

"What did I do?" the feminine voice asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Jamie, this freak has been calling and all he does is breathe into the phone."

"Really, that is pretty creepy Lisa."

"It's probably just one of my stupid friends trying to play a stupid prank on me."

"Probably. Anyway, you still coming to the party tomorrow?

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"I can't believe you got your parents' permission. There usually so strict about that."

"Well they happen to not be here this week. They left for some cruise yesterday. What they don't know won't hurt them."

"Haha, that is awesome! Well, I was just calling to see if we were still. Goodnight!"

"Good night!" with those farewells Lisa put the phone on the jack for the third time that night. Now back to my show.

After an hour Lisa lies on the couch just beginning to doze off. A loud knock on the window nearby instantly wakes her from her drowsy state. Another knock causes her to rise from the couch make her way to the window. She opens the window and sticks her head out to try and see the culprit of the knocks. See nothing she just shrugs and closes and locks the window. A loud knock coming from the front door gets her attention this time. After making her way to the front door, she looks out the small peep hole to see who would be bother her at one in the morning. Seeing nothing she decides to step outside and see if she can catch anyone running down the street. Nothing. Again there is no signs of anyone that could cause the knocks. She walks back inside and locks the door behind her.

A loud crash causes her to turn around and let out a deafening scream. A man with a ridiculous mask dressed in complete black stood there with glass from the broken window she checked earlier. The man charged at Lisa with knife in hand. For reasons unknown to even god, instead of racing out the front door and to her neighbors for help, she raced up the stairs. Nearly up the stairs a force on her leg causes her to trip land on the stairs. Looking down she can see the man holding on to her ankle. Lisa struggles and is able to kick the man in the face before he could slice her with the knife. She runs to her room and locks the door. She shrieks as she hears the banging on her door. She runs to her night stand and grabs the phone and dials 911. Nothing. He cut the lines. For some reason she ignores the phone in her pocket and works on trying to get her window open. Her only escape. With unnatural force the killer is able to stab through the door repeatedly to leave room so her can unlock the door. He runs up and throws Lisa to the ground. He hops on her and begins stabbing. The knife pierced through her chest repeatedly, blood began filling her mouth. With his job done, he wipes the blood of the knife on her pants heads back out the front door, back into the darkness.

Yay for trying different things! As you can hopefully tell I didn't take myself anywhere near as serious as I usually do.