"What am I supposed to do" hissed Viktor Allan. "It's not my fault she saw them!" even though he spoke quietly, he had a voice that always sounded like he was yelling.

"You are right. It is not your fault." the inquisitor said, then he raised a boney finger and pointed it across the table at the young man cowering at the head. "It's his. And he belongs to you!" while low in timbre, the voice still seemed to screech.

"But it was not me!" Viktor stopped for a breath, "Punishing me does nothing to him! He will learn nothing from his mistake. Making me suffer will do nothing to impress upon Xander the severity of his crimes."

"Be that as it may, but he is under age and we cannot legally punish him the way his crime deserves. Perhaps by punishing his father, he will learn, because I am sure you will make his life hell if we do." The inquisitor said in a haughty, know-it-all voice.

A sound rumbled from the side of the table, so deep and low it shook you to your very bones. "I vote that we temporarily banish the boy to the human world. 1 school year in a mortal school. That would make him know how blessed he was to be born among us."

"Agreed." chorused all voices, and the boy on trial began to cry.

"I am SO going to be late!" she said as she rushed down the streets toward Bellemont Academy, when she ran into a young man, about the same age as her. He was handsome, but very reserved looking. Like he had never had friends before, and was worrying this year of high school would be as bad as the last.

"Excuse me." he mumbled almost silently, "Didn't see you there." and then he shuffled away, as quickly as possible.

She chased after him. "What's your rush? I'm not going to hurt you!" when he didn't say anything, she continued any ways. "My name is Arianna, what's yours?"

"Xander." he said, hardly above a whisper, but louder than before.

"Where are you from?" Arianna continued, her spirits bolstered by his response. "Oh come on, I know you can talk."

"I just moved here. Where is Calculus?"

"You're taking calculus? Like what grade are you in?"

"10th grade. Sophomore year. Yes, I'm taking calculus. I'm good at math. Is that wrong?"

"Oh no, it's not wrong, but that is just really advanced. Not a lot of people could handle it, but good for you!" she stopped to breathe, "I'm taking Algebra 3-4, so I'm only one year behind you, but I'm still ahead of most people. So that's pretty cool."

"So where will I find my class?" He asked again.

"Well, all the math classes are in the same hall, so follow me!"

"If you're sure." he said as she began walking, he had to rush to keep up with her. Her legs were a mile long, and his couldn't keep pace.