"Maccaba, the boy knows. He got into your study and he knows what we're doing!"

"Nonsense, he couldn't have gotten in. My door was locked and nothing is missing."

"Listen to me! The book AND the letter are missing. People saw him leave with the book. He knows everything."

"Relax, Viktor. None of the details were there. It was just the basics." He looked at Viktor, "Understand?"

"Yes, sir." He got up and left the room, headed down the hallway. He ended up in a small room with only the postmaster.

"I need to send a letter."

They all gathered around the table, Mordecai included. Everyone was quiet, waiting for Z to say something, but he seemed reluctant to start.

Now that Bell had regained herself, she seemed quite interested in what Z would have to say. Nobody around the table could figure out any way for him to explain what had happened in the living room, and to Bell.

"Well, most of you probably figured this out by now..." he looked down at his lap, "You can't tell anyone. They were supposed to strip me of my powers before I left, but they didn't. I guess they forgot in their rush."

"What are you?" Yuki asked, shattering the ice.

"Do you mean why do I have magic?" Yuki nodded. "Well," Z had to decide what to say, but never got the chance.

"FAIRIES!" Ash shouted from the corner of the table, jumping out of his chair and bumping his hip on the table.

"Z isn't a fairy, Ash. That's just you." Ari told him.

"Well, actually..." Z started.

"Haha you're dating a fairy!" Ash said in a sing-song voice.

"I am NOT! Come on, Z, tell him!"

"I AM a fairy. If you guys would let me finish talking for once! I can't even finish a -"

He was cut off by Rock, "What does that mean for us?" Always the voice of reason, he asked the one question no one else thought of but every one needed to know.

"It means, and I swear if any one cuts me off I will punch them," Ash almost said something, but thought better of it. " It means nothing, really, for any of you except Bell. From what I've heard today, from her and him," he looked at Bell and Mordecai, "They experimented on her. The Keep could have done anything to her, but I'm pretty sure they gave her some fairy blood."

Everyone gasped, "That's not a good thing, is it?" Ari asked.

"It could be, and it might be. It's been what? Months since that day? If she was going to die that would have happened long ago. So we know she won't die from it, unless she does something stupid that kills fairies." He looked at her, "Your piercings, what are they made of?"

"Sterling silver and copper, why?"

"Prolonged exposure to iron kills. What about his?" He nodded to Rock.

"Man, my piercings are all silver. Iron makes me itchy."

"Good, so we don't have to worry about that. Now I just want to try something. Bell, I need you to trust me. Stand up, and follow me." He walked to the center of the living room.

"What are we going to do?"

He didn't answer her, he just grabbed her hands and after a few seconds, they began to float. Just a few inches off the ground, maybe 2 or 3.

"Okay, I'm going to let go." She looked terrified, "You said you trusted me." She still looked terrified, but a little less.

Xander let go of her hands, and set himself down. She kept floating there, her fear growing smaller with each passing second. The thrill wore off after a bit, though, "Okay, you can get me down now... " So Z grabbed her hands and put her down. They looked over at the table and saw 4 rapt faces, and Mordecai picking at his nails.

"I'm dating a fairy..." Rock said, "But so are you!" He looked at Ari and started laughing. That got her going, too, and eventually everyone but Mordecai was laughing at the absurdity of it. He just looked a little annoyed.

"So, if I'm a fairy, does that change anything?" Bell asked. The magic still freaked her out, but now that the memories were out she could handle it. "Do I do anything different?" She kept asking questions till Z began to answer them.

"It doesn't change a whole lot, really. You just need to be careful. You're not really a fairy, you're more of a hybrid. Part fairy, but still human."

"Oh" Bell looked sad, disappointed that she wasn't a real fairy. If being a hybrid meant nothing would really change, then it didn't count.