The Keep was a terrifying place. Like a Gothic castle, except creepier. Much creepier. They didn't have time to wonder what could be inside, they had to get going. Even with the silence spell, you never know what the chancellors see from their towers. It was now or never. Even with the rush of fighting the golem, everyone remembered this crucial part of their mission.
Once again, they split up. There were many things that needed to be done now, so they made 3 groups, Ash & Kai, Bell & Rock, and Ari & Z. They all went their separate ways, running towards their goals.

Ari and Z ran into the Keep and up the second staircase. A beautiful, spiral staircase, leading them up to another staircase. Then another, and another. After a total of 5 staircases, they had gotten to their destination. The highest tower, right in the front of the castle, directly in sight of the city.
They had gotten there without contest, but now they ran into a competitor. A Keeper was watching over the city, maybe for a long time. He could have seen what they had been doing. he was in their way now, and he could have information to doom them with. He had to be taken down.
Ari took this fight, she ran up behind him and flipped him. She was into karate, so she knew how to immobilize an opponent quickly and silently. Within a minute, the man was unconscious.
"Wow. Remind me not to mess with you..." Z was impressed.
He walked over to the window and looked out upon the city. The view from the tower was incredible, every single thing in the entire town was visible from up there. There was no time to really take in the view though. That would have to wait, because right now Z had to do his job.
He cast a spell on himself, one to make him as loud as possible. He opened his mouth, and hoped to God that the others had gotten their jobs done already.

Bell knew how to get to the interrogation rooms, but not the dungeons for it. She didn't want to assume they were right below it, because she didn't want to end up in the wrong spot. It would waste precious time.
So her and Rock jogged to where the room was, then they each looked up a different hallway coming off of it.
"I think I see cells over here." Rock told her quietly.
"Then let's go there."
They went to where Rock saw cells, and there they were. 18 small, tidy cells. 9 on each side of the hallway, almost every one of them occupied.
"Do you know where they keep the keys to these cells?" Bell asked the nearest prisoner.
"They're usually on the wall, right on this side of the corner." he answered, quietly.
"Thank you."
Rock stayed by the prisoners while Bell went to get the keys.

They had no idea where they were going, only that it was towards Yuki. Ash had this feeling that he was going the right way, but that was the only lead they had. Who knew where they kept prisoners in a giant castle?
Kai didn't like wandering around only on Ash's intuition. He wasn't sure Ash even had any, he thought he was just winging it.
This place felt wrong. The air was thick and rich, not in a good way, and it was too silent to be safe. There was absolutely no sound in the place, except for the occasional shuffle of the wind through an open window. It was eerie that The Keep was this empty. From the way Z described it, it was supposed to be full of Chancellors and Keepers and visitors, bustling with life from door to door.
Ash and Kai kept wandering around through the hallways, walking as fast as they could without running. They went through door after door, never finding him.
Then they rushed into the great hall, where the king would have had this throne. In there, they did find a throne, only there was no true king upon it.
"Hello, brother."

So, uh, there's that.