This is it. The end. Writing those two words at the end of this makes me so happy, yet so sad.

Yasha came home after 2 days of being gone, with his brother tied up behind him.

"Mom, Yuki went a little crazy." He handed his mom the rope and hugged her. "Like, really crazy."

She didn't know what he was talking about. Yuki wasn't crazy! If anything, Yasha was. He was the one who had come home with his brother tied up.

She hugged Yuki next, and heard him talking. Not to her, but to himself. He kept saying how sorry he was, how he just wanted her to love him.

"Yasha, why is your brother tied up?" Their dad asked.

"He lost it. We were headed to Z's house, and when we got their he said we should all go get pizza. So we all got in the car, he was driving. He headed North, saying he heard about this great pizza place in Yukon, but we never went to Yukon. He drove straight through it and then up some side roads until we got to a huge mountain. He drove us to the top and then told us to get out.

"We all hopped out of the car, Xander, Ari, Rock, Bell and I. He was standing next to Ari, just talking to us. Then he grabbed her around the neck and started backing towards the edge of the mountain.

"We were all freaking out now, cuz he was hurting her. He started laughing like a mad man, and she was terrified out of her mind so she started screaming but he just covered her mouth. She bit him, and then he flung her to the ground, she almost fell off the mountain. He started ranting about how nobody loved him, not even his best friends. He was in love with Ari and kinda went crazy when she started dating Z, I guess.

"Z and I went over and grabbed him and Rock tied him up. We put him in the trunk and started driving home, but I couldn't figure out where we were. He had definitely gone out of his way to get to the mountain. We would have called but there was no service for any of us. We just kept driving and driving until we got too tired, then we slept in the car.

"When we woke up, we just kept driving. Eventually, we got to Yukon, so we stopped for some food. We tried to give some to Yu, but he wouldn't take it. Then we drove home."

"Oh my." His mom looked like she was about to faint.

Ash dropped Ari off at her house before going to his own. She ran into the hallway, glad to be home.
"Mom! Dad!" She found her parents sitting by the phone in the living room, looking angrily at her.

"Where on EARTH have you been, Arianna?" Her mother was fuming.

"Mom, before you get super mad at me you have to listen to what happened, okay? Don't yell at me until I'm done telling you what happened." Ari told them the same story as Yuki was telling his parents, and Rock and Bell were telling theirs.

They had fabricated the story to cover themselves. They didn't want to be locked in the crazy house or get Z in trouble or something. They all decided that everything they were saying was based in truth, so it was okay. Yuki did go crazy because he loved Ari, he did try to kill her and they did get a little lost on the way out.

Her parents looked shocked, disbelief written on their faces. "Uh, honey, I don't think a nice boy like Yuki would do that." Her mom told her.

"I didn't think so, either. I still don't really believe it, but it is the truth. Yasha brought Yuki back to their house so he can get some help for whatever is going on in his head. He needs it."

Her parents still had a hard time believing her, but she couldn't really prove it. Calling Yuki's mom and dad wouldn't be right, they were in enough turmoil as it is.

A few weeks passed, nothing major happening except Yuki being sent to Tanuka, the local mental hospital. Ash got some grief for being related to the crazy kid, but he didn't let it get to him. Of course it hurt, knowing his brother snapped, but nothing could be done now.

Some of the girls who liked Yuki blamed Ari at first, but they got over it. It wasn't her fault in the slightest, she was just an innocent girl.

Z stayed in school at Bellemont, even though he was allowed back into Faerie. The people begged him to stay, asking him to lead, even. But turned them all down. He recommended the librarian from the Keep. She was a good, strong leader and would take the people where they needed to go. But he still couldn't stay, even as just another person. He wanted to be in the human world, in her world. And he couldn't ask her to give up her life and run away.
So he decided to stay at Bellemont, and live life the way he wanted.


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