Pin your angels to your heartsleeve
we're going to the movies

Look, up on the screen
it's the ghost in the machine
if ya know what I mean

A terrified scream
as he falls down
skating on ice
but don't forget to break dance
like it's the last day of your life

But I can't get out of this life
it's like a terrible dream
in a bunker
in a dream in a dream
as the Russians roll up
in their machine
gun tanks

Under the strobe lights

And at the crime scene
Batman rollerblades
in a cape disco green
and platform shoes
but things aren't
really what they seem
no time to explain
just get in the sub

Marines shout
we're gonna storm
this shore
give 'em what for
gonna push these Nazis
back in this next

attack but Godzilla
tips his hat
lifts with a clink
says, 'Here's to you, kid.'
takes a sip of his drink
as the music dies
around him

Rock Star Pink

And in the Tokyo streets
the children scream
velociraptors engage
in a knife fight scene
whilst the General
on the staircase cowering
we're going down
we're going down in flames

Flames that spell out
the letter red

So, Mr. Fawkes
play it again
don't dream of things
that've never been

For on top of the piano
the top hat spins
and spins
and spins
you'll find your wings on the staircase
let it begin.