Marriage Woes

The counselor looked around at the small group of women and smiled, showing perfectly capped and even teeth. She brushed her blonde hair back then spoke. "Why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselves? I'm Dr. Cynthia Sellman." One by one, the women introduced themselves.

"Holly Lennox."

"Jean Crighton."

"Rachel Faraday."

"Esther Weaks."

Dr. Sellman turned to the last woman, a redhead who was looking distinctly bored. "And you are?"

"Here because my mother thinks I need help with my marriage." Dr. Sellman gave her a look, and she sighed. "Fine. Maeve Carmon. Can we get this sob fest over with? I promised Robert I'd cook dinner tonight."

Holly, a plump thirty-five year old with hair dyed a brassy red, gave her a look of disbelief. "Shouldn't your husband cook once in a while?"

Maeve rolled her eyes. "He does cook. He's a very good cook, but once in a while I like...different foods."

Dr. Sellman tapped her pen on the arm of her chair. "Ladies, please. Why don't we begin where we left off last week? I want each of you to give one example of where your husband could contribute more. Jean, why don't you start?"

Jean twisted her rings before speaking. "Well, I'd love it if Daryl would do his own laundry. It does get annoying, a man his age being so lazy. I've tried everything."

"Have you tried dumping his dirty clothes down the garbage chute?" Maeve asked, and Jean frowned. "It could work."

Dr. Sellman took a breath. "Yes, well, we're here to think of less radical ideas. Mrs. Carmon, since you're new, you can go next. What's something you wish for Robert to do more of?"

Maeve leaned back in her chair. "It would be lovely if he let me cuff him more often. It's not as if the cuffs we use are made of silver. I'd also love it if he let me draw first blood in a kill once in a while, though to be fair he's usually only choosy about that when it's a full moon. I'd love for him to realize that I never gave a fuck about our rather large age difference. I'd like for him to remember more often that I'm an Immune, and his biting or scratching me by accident won't cause me to change. I'd like for him to eat more vegetables-despite what he may think, it won't kill him. But mostly I wish he would stop shredding my underclothes every time we fuck. I'm down to three thongs and a bra." She suppressed the urge to laugh at the scandalized looks the other women were giving her. "What? He's got a...wild side, and I indulge it as often as I can. Hell, I can be just as bad. There was that time in Nice...or was it Munich? Anyway, we'd just finished a job, and our adrenalin was spiking something fierce. He had me up against that alley wall so fast...and the wolf-talk makes me so fucking horny."

Esther blinked in confusion. "Wolf talk?"

"Yeah. It's hard to describe, and I can't speak it. Imagine the most seductive voice you can, then multiply it by about a thousand, and you've got some idea of what it is. And even that doesn't do it justice. And since Robert's an Alpha, he's had nearly a century to hone his skills." Maeve growled. "And hone them he has."

Dr. Sellman was at a loss for words. "Mrs. Carmon, it's...wonderful that you have such an elaborate fantasy life, but we're here to discuss real life, not fairy tales."

Maeve rolled her eyes and stood, heading for the door. "Right, well, bye. I promised Mom I'd drop in for a bit, and that's what I've done. I'm off to my fantasy life and sexy, smart, oh so fuckable and wonderful husband. You ladies have fun with your whining about your men. Oh, and try a little...aggressiveness in the sack once in a while. I guarantee it will work wonders."

Maeve pushed open the lobby doors and stepped into the bright sunlight, whistling a jaunty tune. Counseling was okay for some, she thought to herself.

But not for a monster hunter married to an Alpha werewolf.