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It was the middle of spring, children played in the street, people stood in the market talking to friends, and family, but there was one boy who was not affected by all of this, his name…was William. Despite his master's advice, he sat under a cherry blossom, enjoying the smooth breeze that pushed the smell of fresh bread into his nose. He had not a care in the world and yet he knew he should be at the blacksmith learning, but he did not care, he had bigger dreams, that one day the kingdom would worship him for doing something, he didn't know what yet but he knew it would happen…as he sat there daydreaming his friend, Bao Yu snuck up on him…

"Day dreaming again are we?" she said in a sly voice.

"Ahh! Oh god don't sneak up on me like that!" he responded with anger in his voice that soon vanished and they booth started laughing.

The boy stood up and hugged his friend. "How are you Bao Yu?"

"Never better, and you?"

"You know still looking for my chance"

The girl seemed to get excited all of a sudden. This confused William, "what is it?"

"May grandfather showed me this" she said pulling out a map.

"What is it?" the boy asked curious to what it might lead to.

"It's a map to some place out in the ocean, my grandfather said it had treasure buried on it!"

The boy laughed a t his friend, who got a bit angry. "It's true!"

"Trust me Bao Yu, I want to get rich as bad as you do, but how would we even get supplies and a ship! To sail all the way in the middle of no where, based on a map that might not lead anywhere?"

The girl stared at her friend a little, "fine" she said with a sigh "but could we at least get Sotoph to check it out?"

The boy sighed, he hated to have to go to Sotoph house, and he always bugged William about liking Bao Yu.

"Please" Bao Yu said with a puppy dog face she knew he couldn't resist.

"Fine… but we are only going to get the map checked out, nothing else ok?"


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