Creak! Creak! Creak!

Every step I take is like a gunshot in the perpetual silence. I stop for a moment to recollect myself. It seems that the longer I stay in this eerie old mansion, the more my courage begins to fail. I take a deep, shaky breath of the cool, stale air, and continue on. My flashlight flickers. It'll be dead soon and I still can't find Elise.

"El?" I whisper. No reply. "Elise?" I ask the empty space around me. Then I hear it. I hear my El.

"Jason? Jay, please leave," she calls back.

"Not without you," I protest.

I follow the sound of her voice as she continues to try and convince me to turn back. I come to a door, grey in the dim lighting. I push it open and step inside.

"El? Elise? Are you in here?"

I jump at the sound on the door creaking shut. Right then, my flashlight goes out.

"Welcome Jason Brown. Your wife Elise Marie, and I have been expecting you," says a deep voice from somewhere in the pitch black.

"Who are you?" I demand.

Several chuckles come from all around me.

"I am the one you will fear most, because I have Mrs. Brown. I also have little Pamalie and Nicolene."

Twelve candles are lit, six on either side of the room. Right in front of me, stands four hooded figures. Three of them are holding a knife to the backs of my family.

Elise is standing tall. I can tell she's terrified, but she's trying to stay strong for Pama and Nicki. Pama is holding Nicki's hand. Nicki is shaking in terror. The fourth man is standing just in front of them, smiling like he's the smartest man on earth beneath his hood.

"Let them go," I say.

They chuckle. The man in front of them pushes off his hood. He has pale skin and black hair that sits perfectly on his head,

"My name is Marqu," he says. "You have information I need. You and your sweet family may leave once you do."

"Why did you have to kidnap us to do that? Is it that hard to ask me on the phone? Or through e-mail?" I counter.

My eyes flicker over to Elise. The man holding her has wrapped his arm around her waist. He's whispering something in her ear. Elise starts squirming and tries to get his arm off of her.

Marqu looks over at them, then back at me.

"He won't do anything to her. Don't worry. And the information I want isn't something you'll give willingly. I want to know where our craft is."

I was confused. "Your craft?"

"The thing you ridiculous humans call an Unidentified Flying Object."

"And you're not?"

"Not what?"

"Not- Not human!"

They all stare at me for a moment, then Elise, Pama, and Nicki are lying on the floor as their blood pooled beneath each of them.

"NO!" I screamed.

I run to Elise and touch her blank, paling face. I close my eyes tight, fighting back tears.

I open my eyes back up. Elise, Pama and Nicki are still alive. I am curled up on the floor, trembling.

"You fear being along. That is a grave fear, Jason Brown," Marqu tells me, as he circles me.

I slowly stand.

"Wh-What was that?" I ask.

Marqu smiles deviously.

"I have the ability to send anyone and anything into a scene of their deepest fear."

"Torture me all you want. I'm not telling you where your spaceship is," I say.

Marqu points to the man holding Elise.

"He has the ability to make a female do is will."

He points to the man holding Pama.

"He has the power to cause anyone or anything to lose the use of their physical and mental minds."

He finally points to the man holding Nicki.

"He has the power of fire."

The man holding Nick holds up his hand. A flame instantly lights on his palm and he moves it next to Nicki's cheek. The man holding Elise suddenly looks exhausted.

He must be holding them all back, I think.

My girls may not be moving, but nothing can mask the fear in their eyes. And Yet, Elise's eyes say something different.

"Don't tell him!" her eyes screamed. "We'll be fine!"

"I-I won't tell you!" I say.

"Very well. Moreus? Fire out," Marqu sighs.

Moreus extinguished the flame.

"And Davied? Have fun."

The man holding Elise, probably Daivied, spins my sweet wife around. He winks at me, and then she does it. Elise kisses him.

Marqu nods at the man holding Pama. "You as wall, Airon."

Airon grins. He touches Pama's forehead, and she's out of my reach as well.

Pama points at me.

"Bubble!" she squeals.

I look over at Nicki to see her sitting on the floor, hugging her knees, sucking her thumb, and crying, while a ring of fire forms around her.

I jolt awake and sit up. I softly touch Elise's smooth hair as she sleeps beside me. I lie back down, and hold her close, wishing we were still alive.

This is a one-shot! The first person to ask when I'm going to put up the next chapter will DIE!Just kidding! But seriously. Don't ask!