Demon's Return

I remember waking up to an empty room,

staring at a brightly lit phone with no reply,

The nightmares that plagued my mind still carved into my thoughts,

Images of you flashing through the blinds.

And while I sit here,

wings bloody and torn,

trapped in their chains of sorrow.

I feel my darkness returning to pull me away,

My demons arms stealing me in an endless crowd of burning butterflies,

falling away in ashy lace.

So I take another bite of forbidden fruit with venomous fangs,

I let my heart fall once more into flames.

Then with each word that vibrates,

and with each caress that resonates,

I give myself wholly to you.

Forming a new red string of fate,

collecting all the broken peices,

staring into your dangerous red eyes,


I am yours once more,

for my heart burns for you,

my wings ache only for you,

my demon,

take me away in your arms once more,

tear my soul out and claim me as yours.

I've been through so much with my demon and now that she's finally back in my life I can't help but fall back into her loving arms. Babe I'm so lucky to have you back in my life and I'd trade it for nothing else in this world. I love you so much 3