A/N: Yeah, I know, another angsty love poem….Oh well, feel free to go grab some Haagan-Daas and a box of tissues before starting this. But make sure you can leave a review….

If Only

By xSanityxIsxFleetingx

If only I had the courage to say the words

I know you've been waiting to hear

If only we could turn back time

Go back to being blissfully happy

If only we knew what we were getting ourselves into

When we said, I love you

If only I could fall back into your arms

And you would hold me there forever

If only we hadn't opened our eyes

Seen the reality of what was

If only I hadn't hurt you

Hadn't fallen in love with him

If only this time we were willing

To try harder and make the thing we call 'Us' work

If only you hadn't left

Gotten away from the pain of being with me

If only we hadn't fallen in love at all

Maybe things would be much better

If only…