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The girl walked with a confident, long stride. Her hair, which was short enough to make a pheux-hawk but long enough to seem feminine, was electric blue and shone under bright sunlight that graced the small park, which was empty except for her. She walked over to a bench, dropping her purse, which matched her hair in color, beside her. She pulled out a small camera from it, looking around. It was a beautiful day, which would have meant lots of great pictures, and yet she decided that nothing around her was worthy of her camera. She put it back in the bag and gazed around the park, bright blue eyes scanning the area thoroughly.

As if on command, a boy was already there. He sat down on the well-polished wooden bench, acting if he had not seen her. Though, he did. He sure did alright. Blue eyes shifted over and examined the girl. Everything was fine, really, but the hair was a sight that was for sure noticed. For some reason, he felt like just reaching out to touch it to see if it was a wig or something. Pfft. That would have been weird, huh? Breaking the painful silence, he started to whistle a tune.

The girl, of course, didn't hear his whistling. She did, however, feel weight come onto the bench. She turned to look at him, smiling. She opened her mouth as if to say something, then shut it, remembering that she couldn't. But she didn't like that they were both sitting here, and neither of them were saying anything or even acting as if they had noticed each other. She could tell that he had noticed her, and was pretty sure he was looking at her hair, but she wanted him to acknowledge her. In an effort to get his attention a bit more, she reached over and gently poked him in the arm, a small smile gracing her lips, which also were an electric shade of blue because of her favorite lipstick.
She had dressed casually, in a tight-fitting black tank top that hugged her figure and faded straight legged jeans that were also quite tight. She wore bright neon green converse sneakers and had three silver studs in each ear, and one small chain on her left one.

The boy glanced over his shoulder in a awkward manner, then turned back towards the strange looking girl. Maybe she was just shy? He wasn't psychic, so how in the heck would she know she was deaf? Waving, words rolled out of his mouth, "Hello there. Weather is nice, huh?" Maybe the girl could read lips. Who knew what she was able to do.

Her smile grew as she nodded. Reading lips was easy as long as people didn't talk too fast. She wondered if he knew sign language, but pushed the thought away. How could she expect a random stranger to know that?

Dang, he sure didn't. Good thing she didn't bother, it would just waste her time. Leaning over his knees as his shoulders kept him up and sturdy, the young man looked at the ground. "Who are you, by the way?"

It was difficult to read his lips when he was looking away, but she managed. She looked around, thinking, before pulling a pencil out of her bag and bending over to write something on the bench space between them; her name. In clear, letters-that faced the boy, since she was writing upside-down-was the name 'Faizah'. After a moment of thought, she wrote next to it, 'What's your name?'

The boy nodded, just going with it. He did exactly what she did, though, he could hear and talk. Perfectly fine. With a firm grip on the wooden pencil, he wrote his name. Letter by letter, one by one.
H-E-M-R-I-C-K. Hemrick. That was the boys name.

She smiled. Hemrick. That was an odd name, and she had never seen it before. She was afraid if she wrote anything else upside-down on the bench she might write it wrong, but she wanted to keep talking to the boy. She reached in her bag and got out a small notebook. She flipped to a blank page and wrote, 'How are you?' In neat, cursive letters. It was a lame attempt at conversation, but she hoped it would work.

Frowning, he grabbed the little piece of wood. It was pretty obvious that it was hard for her to write upside down, and besides, it was hard for anyone, honestly. Good thing she went back to normal, though. Not as much trouble.
Hemrick began to right in regular old print - since he had never really remembered fancy cursive - and then held up the notepad when he was done with his answer - 'Good as sparkling gold! How 'bout you?'

She smiled as she read it, gently taking it to write something down. She held it up for him; 'I'm good. ^_^ I saw you looking at my hair earlier.' She smiled, since it was true. She had seen him looking at her hair, which was normal. She got odd reactions to it a lot. Most thought it was odd because she was a girl and liked to have her hair so short, but a few thought it was good that she expressed who she was through her style.

Hemrick basically got a 'OH-CRAP-SHE-NOTICED' face. Writing back in response, he continued to look at the notepad then back to her then back to the notepad then back to her. You get the point, right? You better. Once the response was finished, it said, 'I SO WASN'T. YOU MUST HAVE BEEN SEEING THINGS.' At the very end there was a little '.' face.

Looking pleased with his reaction, she took the notebook and wrote something else down. After a few moments she paused, then continued, and then showed it to him. 'You were probably thinking that it doesn't look real...you can pet it if you like. ;P' Of course, she was only doing it because she thought it'd be funny to see what he did. She liked doing stuff like this, just messing with people because it made her smile.

Extending a trembling hand, Hemrick went to pet it. Once his hand touched the eletric blue and silky hair, he snatched his hand back a tiny bit. But he reached back to touch it. The young man got his grip on a few little strands, then carefully pulled them a little bit to see if she would give an reaction. If she did, it was mostlikely real. The poor guy had seen nothing like it. Just brunettes, blondes, gingers, and the other hair colors. He was a proud brunette. YEAH, HE WAS PROUD.

Blondes know how to have fun but Brunettes remember it the next day.

She flinched when he pulled it but smiled none the less. She thought it was cute, how he seemed so unsure of himself. She wrote something else down on the notepad. 'It's real, I promise.' Her bright blue eyes were shining, a small giggle escaping her mouth.

Hemrick was silent. God damn it this was unreal. He snatched the notepad and wrote a reply on it as fast as he could write without the sharp lead tip breaking. 'ARE YOU SURE?'

She bit back a laugh. Taking the notebook gently from him, she wrote something down. 'Yeah. Used to be blonde but I died' She face-palmed for her spelling mistake, and crossed it out, 'dyed it.' Then, she showed the page to him once more.

Hemrick let out a little sigh of relief. He didn't really give a crap about spelling errors and grammar. You know, that crap. Hemrick wrote back, 'That makes more sense.'

She tilted her head to the side, then giggled again as she read it. She took it back and wrote, 'Oh, you thought I meant the color? Most people think its fake because of the way it stays in a perfect pheux hawk, like, all the time.'

Hemrick wriggled his eyebrows. 'OHREALLY?'

Her eyes widened and one hand flew to her hair, while the other reached into her pocket to pull out a small compact mirror. She looked in it, then was relieved when her hair still looked fine. She took the notebook and wrote, 'Yeah. You scared me, I thought it was messed up or something.'

Hemrick stared. 'It is just hair, you know . . . ?' He wrote.

She rolled her eyes as she replied. 'But it must be perfect, otherwise I'll just look like some weird chick with blue hair.'

'But you still have blue hair either way . . . '

She did a facepalm, then wrote something else down, completely off-topic. 'So, are you like a psychic or something?'

'God no!' He wrote. BOY WAS THAT THE TRUTH.

She giggled. It was a cute girly giggle, but not so high pitched that it was annoying. 'You have a really strong aura for someone who isn't talented. I'm a shifter, in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't, but whatever.'

'Who said I wasn't talented? Lawl. .'

She rolled her eyes. 'Talented as in someone with powers. Not talented as in someone with a normal talent. So, if you're not psychic, what are you?'

'I specialize in electricity and railguns, my dear. Railguns being a super electromagnetic cannon, you could say, not an actual gun.'

Her eyes lit up. 'Show me? Please?'

'Er . . . ' Hemrick made a little blue spark of electricity. If he used a mass amount, electricity would spark around him for a short while. But, it did not happen this time since he just did a little, tiny, teeny, spark. 'There.'

She gave him a 'seriously?' look, raising one eyebrow. She snapped her fingers and talons grew out from her finger nails, blue like her hair. She took the notepad and wrote, 'I'll show you the whole bird form if you show me like, an explosion or something.'

"BUT WE ARE AT A PARK." He said aloud.

She tilted her head to the side. 'So?' She seemed to say, through her expression.


She rolled her eyes again and wrote something down on a new page on the notebook, in big, bold letters, before holding it up for him to see.
And of course, at the end was a small smiley face. :)

Hemrick rolled his eyes. 'Got a coin or arcade coin or something?' He asked.

She thought for a moment before digging into her bag and pulling out a coin. It was slightly larger than a dollar coin, much thinner and a bright silver color, but it definitely wasn't actually made of silver. It had the head of a roman emperor on both sides. She flipped it in the air once, still wishing she could hear the 'ting' sound people had told her it made, before handing it to Hemrick.

Hemrick hesitated, then made a run for it.

Faizah didn't hesitate. She shifted into a blue-furred greyhound, and sprinted after Hemrick. After a few moments she was ahead of him, and she turned so that she was facing him, and blocking his way. She had a hurt look in her crystal blue eyes, and the look didn't suite her usually-happy features.

Hemrick slid to a stop and frowned.

As if she had just realized what she had done, a dark crimson spread across her cheeks and she shifted back to human form, looking away. She mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' before heading back over to the bench, planning to gather up her things and leave.

Hemrick - with a smirk adjusting on his face - tried to change the subject. DANCING. THIS WOULD TURN INTO GREASE. The young man held his hand out with a bow. It was funny, a boy proposing a dance in a fancy manner, yet he wore a black hoodie of all things. Not the fanciest, huh?

Faizah gave him a very confused look, first eyeing his black hoodie and then her own jeans and t-shirt. Huh, not exactly what you'd wear for any kind of formal dance. She looked back up at Hemrick, still blushing slightly, and shook her head. She didn't have the slightest clue how to dance.