Eden was the infancy of mankind

The childhood of creation itself

A time of innocence,

Absent of sin and death

Everyone, even today, has an Eden

But sooner or later everyone leaves it

Sooner or later it is penetrated

Invaded and tainted forever

And it cannot be regained

Whether by sin or death

It does not matter

Such a pure and perfect world

Will always shatter

As we each grow

There comes a time

When we can barely remember

Our childhood garden

Or in some cases

The event that shattered it

I was lucky enough to share my Eden

With my best friend

Like a greenhouse in a winter storm

In our Eden we were safe

Warm, protected, and pure

Until death came like a thief in the night

Taking him forever from my sights

As his body withered

The glass panes shattered

Cold winds of grief and horror

Ripped on through me

Till I felt hollow

When the time came to say goodbye

By the time they returned his body

To the earth from which it had been wrought

The plants of the garden had begun to wilt and rot

When I uttered that word

That saddest of words, though he'd already died

My Eden laid there dead and dry