What should never be done at LaVenture middle school!

1. When Ms.B tells you to keep your words G, don't suck on your finger and say that you're keeping your words G. It is not appropriate.

2. Don't pretend to hitchhike while waiting for the bus. It puts you and the other students at risk.

3. Don't eat corn nuts in 's class. EVER.

4. Don't say "Fuck you" When Jose asks you for corn nuts as you're being sent out to the hall.

5. Don't go around asking teachers if they play Minecraft. It annoys them.

6. Don't make fun of the sixth graders turning into sevies. It's not nice

7. When someone says SWAG, don't say "Secretly We're Gay".

8. When someone says YOLO, Don't yell Hakuna Mattata

9. When you're going over the bridge on the bus on the last day of school, don't throw paper airplanes out the window even though it is amusing. Just illegal.

10. Don't throw your apple core out the bus window. EVER.

11. Just because ChumChum threw his backpack out the window, doesn't mean you get to.

12. When girls start singing "What makes you beautiful in P.E., don't sing off-tone with them

13. Also don't cover your ears.

14. Don't sneak into the teacher's lounge and buy a soda.

15. Don't go behind the stage with one other person and turn and give everyone else a rape face. It's not funny.

16. STD form in math is NOT funny.

17. Don't make fun of Homestuck. They will kill you.

18. Don't click "Stay signed in" When checking your school email in the library. It puts you at risk.

19. Never search anime porn on google images. You are too young and this is public.

20. It is not appropriate to sing "The Sailor Song" By Toy-Box at school