What should never be done at LaVenture middle school part two

21. Also, when Ms.B tells you to keep your words G, don't say "Bang"

22. Dont chew bubble gum in choir, espessially if you're on the top riser.

23. Dont't yell "EARTHQUAKE" when your phone vibrates in class.

24. Don't check your messages afterwords

25. Dont put IDK down on a test, espesially if the teacher says you can't. It annoys them.

26. NEVER tell you subsitute that your name is Voldemort.

27. Hacking past the school system to get facebook is not acceptable.

28. NEVER crack jokes about turbans in Social Studies

29. Mr.E's closet isn't a portal to Narnia

30. When you plan an after-school toutor with your teacher, don't say "It's a date!" It is disrespectful.