Snow Angel
wandering halls sleepless to
press my temple to cool
window pane, lean into
colored lights winding
around midnight's lines;
morning brights peeking
through smudgy halos smeared
on decorations underneath
my foggy breath. this twelve
o'clock stroke is curtain fall for
evergreen wonderland, and stars
will drop from eyes, the skies
until it is the same numbing
night i have known. Burning
matches and fingers to
the blackened bone cannot
keep the royal beauty high;
i have no thread or
needle to tie her with. it's
coming coming coming
down crashing down
slowly around me, with me
as i cling to a cliff that isn't,
tugging on a waterfall and
days slip up past my palms.
i only wish i could
melt through the glass, lie
beneath ebony fingers of
trees lacing a crown above
my head and fall apart
into the frost.