"I don't know. Anyways, Sam, for the hundredth time, I am okay," Carly said, annoyed.

"I mean your eyes look red, that's all. I was only worrying about you," Sam replied. Carly rolled her eyes and shot a look at Jessica.

"Dude, Sam, do you see that girl over there wearing that hot pink shirt?" Carly asked. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, she found that weird key that makes you go back in time. Her name is Jessica," said Sam, suddenly interested in what Carly was saying.

"I know stupid. Anyways, I just got an idea. What if…." Carly held her suspense.

"What?" Sam asked curiously.

"What if we have our own adventure?" Sam thought about that for awhile. Sam shrugged his shoulders and then nodded.

"Sure, why not," Sam replied, kind of thrilled. They were interrupted by a shrieking bell.


Carly nodded toward Sam and they walked off to their classes.

"MRS. PINOS!" boomed a deep voice. Carly plugged her ears and turned around. All the other students in her math class did to. They turned back to their teacher after he finished yelling that name.

"Well class, looks like a lot of people are not here today," Carly's teacher commented. The class nodded in agreement.

"So I am going to award you guys who came free time," continued Carly's teacher. The class burst into laughter and excitement as they ran through the door. But Carly just walked out that door. She wanted to meet Sam in the hall. She sure did meet Sam. Sam came running toward her.

"Carly! Carly! I found something!" shouted Sam, breathlessly.

"What? What? What is it?" asked Carly curiously. Sam showed Carly the object.

"Whoa! It's… it's….." Carly fell onto the ground as she said those words. Sam looked into Carly's eyes. Sam thought that Carly was really happy. Sam whispered the object into Carly's ear.

"It's this…" Sam said as she showed her the object.