Your pain called out to me

Making my heart bleed

Within moment you'd captured me

I'm selfish

Completely petty,

I have the nerve

To beg of you please,

Don't go away,

Even if you have no reason to stay.

Don't think forever

Just get through today.

I need you here,

I'll help you through your fear

Please don't leave my world,

Baby girl.

Your life has been so hard

And that's not even the worst part

You are so young,

But life has left you so scarred

Here you stand,

I'm ready to fight and defend

All you want is to give in

But I need you here

Isn't that clear?

Please, don't leave my world

Sweet baby girl.

How do I make you see

All your inner beauty

Or all that you will be?

How do I bust the shell,

You formed to survive

Your hell?

Help me help you out

And rid you of doubt.

Life will go on,

That you well know

But that doesn't mean

You have any right to go.

Sweet baby girl,

Don't you leave my world!

When the world crashed down

Know that I am around.

You are so much more

Than you give yourself

Credit for,

I'm begging you

Please, don't leave my world,

My Baby Girl.