auther notes: this actuly happend so please comment on how dumb this sounds or cheezey but admit it we all want that special person.

Love plain and simple

I've never loved a girl till now

I use to just look at girls and think wow there hot

Or oh she's sexy but they are always sluty covered in makeup

Not true beauty but false appeal

But now I'm 17 and for the first time I found love

And now I'm Happy!

She is perfect in every way

She's bisexual and that's perfect! Ya I said it!

Her voice is soft and sweet

She is petite or fun sized as she says

Her face and body are beyond beauty

And she is smarter than anyone I've ever known

But that's not the best part

The best part is her personality

She is nice to all unless they give her a reason not to be

And if you hurt her friends she not afraid to fight

She is the first girl to start a conversation with me

Not like the other girls who only ask "hey do you know the answer to this question?"

I'm no smarter than them I don't know the answers I'm a writer not a math teacher

I'm a poet! Not a scientist

I'm in Love! That's all that matters to me but….

I'm afraid to tell her how I feel

I'm scared to even call her to ask if she would like to hang

I don't know what to do!

Then my wingman my best bud my amigo the biggest man whore in the school asked, "Hey do you like any girls at school?"

At this point I'm worried and confused thinking

Why is he asking why would he care

So I do I say, "Ya why?"

And he replies, "Because I'm your wingman I'm here to help you build your confidence and get you a girl"

Huh? I thought alright

I tell him her name and he says "hey I dated her"

Now I'm enraged I yell, "WHAT!"

And he tells me she hates him now

So I apologize and ask "can you help me?"

He agreed

So for the rest of the school year I try to talk to her

Four months pass my wingman give me advice and every day that goes by the thoughts in my head get dirtier and dirtier

She is now a poison in my head a drug I must have I just need to talk to her to calm myself to get the thoughts out of my head

It works but not for long

Two months fly by the school year is over summer is here!

Now I don't see her every day I think of her constantly

Dirty dirty thoughts go through my head

At night I lay in bed my hand wonders lower

I awoke the next day feeling ashamed and guilty

Why did I do that?

But I know why


That's why

But I forgot she's super smart

And in these six months she became friends with me and my wingman

And she txt my bud asking, "Hey does he like me?"

He panics and txt me saying, "Hey dude! She's asking me if you like her should I tell her."

I freeze in place and drop my phone a look of terror go's across my face

Of course she would figure it out

My phone go's off again it says, "DUDE!"

Ugh! I txt back saying, "Ya go head and tell her"

After an hour of waiting he txt back

It says, "hey dude she's ok with it"

Days pass by I invite another friend over she too is a friend of the girl I love

She is a writer and a poet just like us here at fictionpress

And she asked, "Hey would you like her number?"

I say, "Yes!"

A week passes by I do not dare to call the number out of fear and panic

But my wingman a true friend tells me, "come on man just call her!"

So I do sort of….

I txted her and after some uncomfortable explaining….

I told her everything what I thought of her what I do to myself…. That was the hardest part

But I did I told her everything!

And she said, "It's sweet and I kinda figured you liked me and I like you to"

And right there my heart skipped a beat I fell landing face first on the sofa

But it continues "But I just broke up with my girl friend and it was bad so I don't want a relationship right now"

And I thought, "now I wait"

For the next week theirs a spring in my step and yet again I'm happy!

Another week pass not much go's on but I get the urge to txt her so I do it goes on for an hour or two

And around 10:30 or so she tells me she gonna go to sleep so I txt night and she txt back saying, "Hey you can talk to me whenever you want ;)"

In the back of my mind I go YES!

For the month and a half of summer it gets worse

I fixate on the thought of her to the point of insanity my friends say I should find a different girl


But deep down I'm a child

I play video games and watch cartoons

So my wingman my friend my bud gives me a metaphor

He said, "You have to get over her man. Right now you're in the princess bubblegum phase. She's the first but not the last. There will be others like her or better than her out there."

I say, "Do you really think so?"

He said, "Ya man you'll find your flame princess someday"

And he is right

But I still wish to be friends with her

I still love her

I still wanna be with her

But I can't and I'm ok with that

Because she is still my friend and I'm glad

So now I'm off to find my true love

Please wish me luck and hopefully you'll find that special someone some day