Sitting at the table,
Silent and alone.
Wondering what happened this time,
Why was it blown?

You opened up your heart,
To the one you held dear.
Hoping he was the one,
Not anything to fear.

Your eyes are still burning,
Tears still wet on your face.
How is it you keep on
Returning to this place?

Tears are for the weak,
For the ones who can't cope.
You know he didn't deserve you,
You can do better, you hope.

You steady your breathing,
And sit yourself straight.
You will find the one soon enough,
It's never too late.

To find someone who loves you,
Someone who cares.
Someone who laughs,
And someone who shares.

You know he is out there,
Just waiting to be found.
You will keep looking,
Though maybe the long way round.

You will be his princess,
The love of his life.
Maybe even one day,
You make a good wife.

He will never raise a hand,
And he will sweep you off your feet.
And god forbid,
He will never even cheat!

This man will earn your love,
And spoil you every day.
This man will be right for you,
Perfect in every way.

Now it's just a matter of waiting,
Where ever he may be.
I'm waiting for the right man,
The one that deserves me.