A Memory Poem I did for my creative writing class last year.

In the sticky days of childhood,

Sweltering and sweaty summers

Were spent playing in the dirt.

Daring each other,

Competing in everything.

Bike down the big hill!

Jump off the swing!

Ding Dong Ditchers dashed up and down the block,

Sprinting from house to house.

The screen doors only opened for dinner,

Then opened again

As kids poured out into the street.

Like candy from a bag.

As the shadows lengthened,

Older kids joined in,

Kid were split,

One team here,

One team there,

And then shouts of "Man Hunt"

And counts of ten,

As we scrambled from the enemies.

Crawling under bushes to hide,

Not caring if the thorns sliced us.

The chase was all that mattered.

Now sticky summer days

Refer to the movie theater floor,

Buttered popcorn,

And air-conditioning.

The dares are a lot more dangerous,

And a lot more illegal.

And as the sun sets on our youth,

We scramble away from the mall,

Log onto Facebook,

And childhood is chased away.