A Personal Poem for my Creative writing class last year

She may have dwelt on pleasant dreams

And forgotten how to live,

But even the most fantastical dreams,

Have a grain of truth buried within.

She may have looked into a mirror,

Caring only for the reflection,

Because glass can't lie,

Like people can.

She may have confused good and bad,

Forgetting the color gray,

But sometimes even when you mix black and white,

One overpowers the other.

She may have eaten the forbidden fruit,

Off of the forbidden tree,

But explicit instructions were ever uttered,

And free is still free.

She may have lied,

And received lies in return,

But with both sides at fault,

Neither can be justified.

She may have forgotten

That some stories are fiction

But even the most falsified story,

Has a grain of truth buried inside.