She is a Cat

In memory to Fluffy, Kelsey and Sable, and in honor of Trixie, the cutest, fiercest cat I know.

She is a Tiger

Cloaked in mystery and secrets.

Hidden in the woodwork,

She crouches in the dark.

A tail twitch betrays life,

But not to her prey.

She pounces.

She is a Jaguar.

Curious, hidden out of reach,

Veiled in shadows.

Yellow eyes indicate her presence,

But not to her prey.

She falls.

She is a Lion.

Proud, head held high.

Watching over the sleeping males and cubs.

Her roar announces to the world.

But not to her prey.

She leaps.

She is a Cheetah.

A blur in the eye,

Kicking up dirt and dust.

The thud of paws gives her away,

But not to her prey.

She gives chase.

She is a cat.

Small and soft and quiet.

Laying in the sun, undisturbed,

The soft purr tells the truth.

She is not a tiger, jaguar, lion, or cheetah.

She is a house cat.