I see you running in the rain

Where are you're running to?

I witness you running in vain

from all the obstacles you've had to run through

A metaphor for tears, you're drenched in the sound

Of the water running drear, leaving scars to be found

Cold eyes so poetic, like the prodigal son

Screeches as melodic as the noise of a shotgun

Hands cupping ears, mouth opened wide

Attempting not to hear the voices on the inside

Pain replacing sorrow, sorrow replacing guilt

The dread of tomorrow that your emotions hath built

Remorse so consuming that none do bear it well

Loneliness booming, round the corner where it doth dwell

Dreams of yesterday, lost somewhere in the tide

Heartache felt today, chides away at your pride

I, lean lonely, against the high wall of your security

You live solely, in the luxury of your solemnity

No window of opportunity, the bars hide it well

The promise of disunity, between the couple of tragic misspell

I know you feel hollow; I see your saddened tears

But why do you swallow away your precious years

There is no escape from the acidic touch of the poisonous rain

So stop running and tumbling past the shores of your pain

Where is the lifeboat of your security?

That can overcome your weakness of fragility!

"I'm lost," you said, as your words chilled through me.

"I must go on," you said, as you past Immortality.