"… and the door slammed shut, never to be opened again."

It was a cloudy morning, much like any other day. Dark, gloomy… typical British weather. Stephen walked out on to the path, the path that lead him to his school. His mother waved from the window of his house, smiling to him as he walked down the path and waited for Stephen to wave back. He never did. Stephen kept walking, focusing on the path ahead of him, ignoring anything around him – birds tweeting, dogs barking or the occasional squirrel on the dark path. Eventually, he arrived at a road. A road that was not normally there. Stephen looked left and right, looking for signs of life on this road. However, despite his attempts, there were none. When Stephen decided to continue walking to school and try to forget about this road, he couldn't.

As Stephen reached school, he told none of his friends. During his maths lesson, the teacher spotted that he was distracted.

"Are you feeling alright, Stephen?" asked the maths teacher

"Quite alright, sir" Stephen replied, faraway.

"Eh, alright then. Go to page 122, class and we'll start on algebra" uttered the maths teacher

All through his next lesson (English) and Geography, Stephen could not stop pondering about this mysterious road, which had appeared in the middle of nowhere. He had asked his friends if they had heard or seen any new roads being built near the school. He only got the reply of "no". At last, it was the end of the day. Stephen made sure to take the same route home as the one he took to go to school – hoping that the road would be there again. As he reached the point where the road was in the morning… It turned out that there was no road. "Was it a dream? Am I going insane? Am I really alive?" Stephen thought to himself, worried by the event that had happened that morning.

The next morning was identical to the last. It was a cloudy morning, much like yesterday. Dark, gloomy… typical British weather. Stephen walked out on to the path, the path that lead him to his school. This time, however, his mother was not there to wave. Stephen's mother had left early to go to work, leaving Stephen alone in the house. He set off, his mind still replaying the events of the morning before. As he walked, half expectantly, he saw his English teacher, Miss Reader, walking down the path using the same route as Stephen always used. Stephen decided to stay back and not greet Miss Reader, eager to find this road. However, with disappointment, Stephen reached school, not five minutes after Miss Reader. The day contained English with Miss B. Reader, Design and Technology with Mr A. Handle, IT with Mrs K. Bite and Maths with Mr S. Root. He managed to get through the day, despite his mind constantly analysing the event that happened the day before. Constantly going over it, looking over each detail several times. Had there been a car there? No. Had there been anyone there? Miss Reader? No, No. Had there been a road there before? Yes? No? Maybe there had been…

It was the end of the day again. However, the weather had cleared up. It was now a sweet, autumn day with golden leaves dropping from their trees, forming piles of crunchy goodness that children love to play in. The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air with a pleasing aroma that everyone enjoyed – especially Stephen. As Stephen walked around the corner of the path, a sight met his eyes. A road. The road. Stephen stood there, astounded. Without thinking Stephen ran onto the road, and went north, following the road until he reached…

A diminutive cottage that was dilapidated and abandoned by its owners. Its crystal white paint had been chipped and was falling to pieces. A small wall that surrounded the garden had collapsed, leaving piles of rubble. Stephen walked up to the cottage and peeked through the windows. He found a rocking chair, which was considerably less dilapidated than the rest of the building. Stephen knocked on the door to make sure that no-one was inside. The door collapsed inwards, scaring multiple birds out through the door, causing Stephen to duck out of surprise. Stephen walked inwards and examined the cottage. He found that the entire cottage was broken and rotten. Slowly, he walked up the stairs. He found a mysterious room that had a closed door, two bedrooms and a toilet. The toilet was completely rotten through – it had fallen through the roof. Stephen decided to check the bedrooms. He found a picture of an elderly woman – possibly the original owner of the cottage? Stephen didn't know.

Stephen decided to check out the final room last. He opened the door. A Dark, harsh room filled his vision. He walked in. Stephen saw a figure in the room. Stephen saw a Hunched figure sitting in the corner of the room on a rotten rocking chair. Stephen stood there, too scared to move. Stephen worried about his mother. Would she ever see him again? Stephen turned around and prepared to leave. And the door slammed shut, never to be opened again.

Or so he thought. Stephen attacked the door, attempting to break it down from its rusty hinges. He failed. Stephen let out a sigh and turned, confronting the mysterious figure in the corner.

"Why hello there, little boy. What's your name?" The mysterious woman asked.

Stephen looked around before answering, looking for a way out. There wasn't one. I'm trapped, thought Stephen. Reluctantly, Stephen replied. "My name is… Stephen." The mysterious woman looked at him. "You're not lying. Would you like to know my name?" she asked. Stephen was terrified but also curious at the same time. After a minute, the woman said "My name is Auntie G." Stephen looked at her. Auntie G was a sickly, elderly woman. She was hunched on an old, rotten chair, smoking a pipe. The smoke was lingering around the room. Stephen noticed this and started to choke. "Oh, you poor darling. I forgot about this pipe. Oh well, won't harm you, will it?" Auntie G asked. Stephen blurted out "What do you want with me?"

Auntie G relit her pipe. "Well, Darling. You came into my house. You came into my room. You followed my road…" Stephen cut in "How did you know that? Your road? What?" Auntie G was not happy. "Now, Dearie, if you would stop being so rude and let me finish, nosey children find my road and come to my house. Nosey children find me. I help those children. I give them jobs. I stop them from being nosey. I cure them of their… illness." Stephen decided to leave.

Stephen turned around. The door was still locked, however, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a broken window. Without wasting time, He shouted "You steal children? How could you? I'm going to report this to the police!" and went to jump out of the window. However, when he posed to jump, His body froze. He couldn't move. "What have you done to me!" he exclaimed.

Auntie G replied "It's too late dearie. You're already mine."