Dear, A Nation in Despair:

Let me start by saying that I'm glad you wrote to me

I mean you probably could've gone out and spared a dime for the homeless man down the street

Instead you wrote those words just for me to see

Just the money for this stamp might have helped buy a blanket for that single mother of four

Now it's on my desk and I appreciate your message

You said I was just a big mistake and yet here I am once more

I'm glad that you're thinking of me although you refuse to see my face

I see it now you don't want someone to lead you only want someone to hate

I could offer you my hand but you'd only swat it away calling me just a simple disgrace

I understand you're hurting it's and much easier to see it as all my fault

I guess I can lead or horse to water but not make him drink

You'd rather live in ignorance so I won't make you do your part

I wish I could help I really and truly do

I am sad to say that no man can help another who refuses to help himself

I am weak and you are strong but still you will not move

It's a depressing sight but there's really nothing I can change

You want me to open a door for which you hold the key

You are many and I am few so it seems rather strange

That you would look to me to provide what you refuse to see

I know that you're afraid and you wish to turn away

But I can't give what only you have

So while I wait for you to stand all I can do is say

Let me know when you're ready,

From one

To many