Dear Lord

Dear Lord, thank you for helping me beat that game.

Dear Lord, please help me find my book because I can't find it.

Dear Lord, hopefully the snow will cancel school tomorrow.

Dear Lord, I hope my sister will like the birthday present I will give to her.

Dear Lord, the movie I went to see was awesome.

Dear Lord, I think I'm in love with that boy.

Dear Lord, I hope he is gay too.

Dear Lord, today after church they were selling cookies to raise money for the church and I bought one.

Dear Lord, my dad told me in the paper there was a homicide and I feel sorry for both the victim and murderer.

Dear Lord, we went to the arcade at the amusement park and I played most of the games but not including the ones where you have to shoot people.

Dear Lord, I had a good time at the bowling alley except I didn't like the couple kissing and saying "I love you."

Dear Lord, thank you for helping me with the homework. The teacher was going to kill me again.

Dear Lord, please help me find friends. I'm lonely now.

Dear Lord, I don't want school to happen tomorrow. All the kids are mean to me.

Dear Lord, I hope I won't get in trouble for my ripped essay. But the mean kid did it.

Dear Lord, I was walking to class when the kids saw me. They started to call me names like homo and fag.

Dear Lord, they said you hate me because I like boys. They said it was wrong.

Dear Lord, I'm sorry I'm gay. Please don't hate me because I checked out the Bible myself and they were right.

Dear Lord, the priest says you love everybody, even the people who are going to Hell. I guess gay people like me are an exception.

Dear Lord, I've been thinking of suicide. I know you don't feel sorry for me but that's okay because I don't feel sorry for me either.

Dear Lord, I'm hanging myself right now. My last words were "Hi," to my mom and dad and "Where's your jump rope?" and "Thanks," and "I love you," to my sister.

Dear Lord, I wish you love me. I love you but I hate me.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

-John 3:16 (ESV)