The distant sound of cicadas on the trees paralleled the sound of the rain falling on the concrete beside her. She breathed in and stuck her feet into the pool in front of her. The sky was darkening by the minute and she refused to move from her spot. She needed time alone, and away from her family, although they could see her from the window, they finally left her alone and went into the other room. She needed time to think. Her summer vacation was at its midpoint, and she was to leave for college in the next month. She fidgeted with her legs and felt the water around them slowly churning and adjusting to her movement.

For her, this was relaxing. She enjoyed nothing more than just to breathe in the air of a summer's rainfall. She didn't mind the rain soaking her, as it slowly began to pour onto her. Goosebumps began to rise and her thoughts raced as she breathed in the now chilling night. The trenching downfall bounced into the pool her feet were in, and she watched as they took shape just as her legs had. It was, for lack of a better word, "normal", for her family to see her walking in, drenched in the rain. They simply stopped questioning it.

This was, as well, a "normal" routine for him, however. It wasn't every night that he was hiding behind a shed; however, tonight she was outside. He found nothing wrong with this behavior, it wasn't like he was "stalking" her in his mind, he was just watching her house. He hadn't been planning to go through with this tonight, but everything seemed like it had been aligned for tonight to happen. He was never really a fan of hers, but never made this fact known, not even to his friends. He tested his luck and stepped onto the grass, to find a volume reference.

The sounds of his feet were for him, luckily covered by the now pouring rain. He walked up behind her, and reached in his pocket. He had been waiting for this moment for the longest time, and had only just now gathered the courage to actually go through with it. His heart beat raced and he pulled it out. She noticed a shadow behind her, and slowly began to turn her head. The gun was loaded and he lifted it to her head. The sound of the blast sliced through the air, and that was his cue to leave.

The red of her blood painted a blur on the sidewalk, blending with the rain, as a puddle began to form in the pool. Her body on its side, the back door slammed open. "What are you doing?" Her mother asked, not yet aware, and a little nervous. She walked out to the pool side and approached her. Her mother's hands quickly found her daughters face, the light had left her eyes.