July 24, 2012

Dear Diary,

I talked to a store manager today and he told me that I should check back in with him when school gets back in. Problem is, I kind of need a job right now. I'm desperately trying to get my life started, but geez.

My cat Axel didn't let me sleep much last night. I'm not sure what was bothering him. He usually sleeps pretty well at night, almost human. But last night he was acting weird. I'm probably the first person to say that the worst is happening, but I'm worried about him. He's like my baby. I hope it's nothing.

I know that many people don't believe in supernatural creatures, but sorry, I'm a believer in the whole Bigfoot, Aliens, Monsters, and Legends thing. I just can't help but to view the world with the mind of a scientist. If I find something that is suspicious, even dangerous or scary, I can't help but to dig down in it. The current thing that I have been researching, is the not so famous Slender Man. I can't help it. The legend that is behind him is one of the most terrifying things I've ever heard of. And of course, like all legends, if you look for him, then he'll look for you. What's funny is that I've been having nightmares about him. If anyone is curious to know more about the Slender Man, then I would gladly tell them. You can do research on your own if you wish, but people who have before have been known to go missing. I hope I'm not next, but I guess we'll know soon. xD

Over and Out. (WTF am I saying?) xD

Sincerely, Jess Bell